Monday, August 3, 2015

For the Good of the Whole - How $762,000/year for 5 years was reached!

$762,000 per year for 5 yrs was reached, because of the deep sacrifices of hundreds!   

Read the names of new individuals & organizations joining the "$10,000 per year for 5 yrs" group!  Tens more joined the "$1,000 per year for 5 yrs" groups.  In addition, hundreds of former donors doubled, tripled and quintupled their sacrifice.

Statistics, however, doesn't tell the sacrifices made by individuals & orgs.  

In the past weeks, 80-20 emailed its already generous donors many times urging them to "render their BROAD shoulders".  In one of the emails, I used a true story.

"In asking you to do so, I will of course triple my own donation from $2500/yr 

to $7500/yr. for 5 yrs.  In addition, I also must donate $5000/yr to PAC, which Charles Zhang & Kathleen To, the other PAC Board members, must also donate annually.

I even dug into my father's legacy, Woo's Foundation (WF).  WF has tripled its annual donation to SELF today.  WF is now donating $40,000 per year to SELF.  It includes the $15,000/year committed today plus the $25,000/yr of matching fund committed on 2014/9/6.  By 2018, WF will have transferred 90% of its total asset of $300,000 to 80-20 Educational Foundation.  The transfer of funds started very early, as soon as 80-20 EF was established.  Will my father, in another world, disapprove of me?  I don't know. Hopefully, he'll be proud of me."  

If our readers think the above is a lot, it is nothing when compared with the sacrifices made by an anonymous couple, Prof. Alice Huang and many others who recently joined the "$10k/yr or more for 5 years" group!  But they didn't want me to tell their deeply moving sacrifices.

Future - reaching $1 million per year - is now our focus

"How $750,000 was reached" is history.  We now need to focus on the FUTURE  -- how to reach $1,000,000/yr for 5 yrs.  An exciting NEW campaign for the next 2.5 months will be announced in 2 days towards that goal.

IMAGINE, when together, who will dare to trample on us?  Much less likely.  Not after we will have demonstrated our great cohesive community spirit in achieving such an "IMPOSSIBLE" project!   

 "The supreme art of war is to achieve one's objectives without fighting" -- Sun Tzu.  

The accomplishment of the SELF project will largely achieve such a strategic step.  Do you see it that way?

For existing donors and non-donors

For existing DONORS, you've sacrificed enough.  Please save your money for yourself and your family and/or other good causes.  We'll STILL need your support in a non-monetary way.   I'll inform you in 2 days.

For NON-donors, please consider donating for the good of the whole

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative and 

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