Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

                  We'll be "Foreigners" for a Long, Long Time

     The earlier generations of Irish, Polish, and Jewish  immigrants had their moments of feeling like  perpetual foreigners, although they possessed attributes helping them assimilate to American culture and society:

1) appearance - they looked like Caucasians,
2) accents - most Americans had heard similar accents from their relatives; some may have even considered such accents endearing, and
3) cultural habits - the distinction between American and European culture was small.
     Therefore, we, AsAms, are NOT likely to get rid of our "perpetual foreigners" image soon...perhaps, NEVER!

             Not Important To Get Rid of Perpetual Foreigners Image

     Have you seen orthodox Jews in their black gowns and caps walking on the street?  Did their appearances suggest "foreigners" to you?  YES.
Do they enjoy equal opportunity and equal rights in America?  YES!  
Why?  The Jewish community packs POLITICAL CLOUT!
             The key is Political Clout -- 80-20 Is Your Only Choice.  

     Do you know of any individuals (including AsAm elected and appointed officials) or organizations (including all the AsAm civil rights orgs)  that will provide you with the needed political clout?   Most of them don't even dare talk about possessing political clout, much less trying to get it. 80-20 is your ONLY choice.

                  Why is Political Clout so Important for AsAms?
    The US law - all Americans are equal - is one thing.   Enforcing the law is another. Our politicians are not willing to enforce the laws for us.  Why?  The politicians  don't think we can  reward or  punish  them during their elections.  That is where political clout comes in.

    Political clout means having the knowledge and ability to reward and punish politicians during their elections!  Is there any doubt  that 80-20 is the ONLY choice for you ?

                          The Clock is Ticking.  Donate TODAY!
(1) If you are already a SELF donor, please either double or triple your donation AND help recruit a NEW donor.  The campaign to recruit 2000 NEW donors of $100/yr each is working too slowly for now. So during this transition time, we need you, who are big-hearted donors, to pick up the slack -- double or triple your donation today.
(2) If you are not yet a donor, please DONATE now and then recruit a NEW donor.

                          We Need To Reach $800,000/yr quickly

    We are at $769,000/yr.  Only $31,000 from the target.  Get us to $800,000 /yr for 5 yrs quickly!  Wake up, "foreigners".   Empower ourselves & get political clout.  It is your only real answer.

      Donate to SELF.  Or email   S. B. to tell him that you'll double or triple! .

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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