Thursday, July 30, 2015

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                           UPDATE on Sherry Chen "Spy" Case
You may recall that 80-20 sought the good office of Senator Tom Carper of Delaware to seek answers to the unfortunate encounter of Sherry Chen with the Dept. of Justice, DOJ.  For details, see a New York Times article "Accused of Spying for China, Until She Wasn't".    

Senator Carper's office has been most helpful.  His staff made repeated inquires with DOJ.  The latest I have heard is that the DOJ is conducting hundreds of interviews relating to this matter.  Therefore, it'll be sometime yet before DOJ would reply formally.  

My own sense is that DOJ understands by now the very strong concerns of the Asian Am community in DOJ's apparent mishandling of the Sherry Chen case.  It is seriously investigating whether race was an element in the handling of the Sherry Chen case.  However, we should await a formal DOJ report to be certain.

80-20 is thus far satisfied with the progress of our strong concerns expressed to DOJ and conveyed by the good office of Sen. Carper.

                        UPDATE on 80-20's letter to Atty. Gen. Lynch

On June 16, 80-20 Pres. S. B. Woo  wrote to Attorney General Lynch via email and a certified letter, return receipt requested.  The aim of the letter was "to erase the chilling effect produced by the mishandling of the Sherry Chen case."A few days ago, Woo received a form reply from DOJ stating: "Your letter will be reviewed and if a response or an update is necessary it will be sent to you within 60 business days.  . . ."

Note that Woo's email to AG Lynch NEVER received a reply.  However, 80-20 knows that in dealing with the government, it is best to have a paper trail. That was why "a certified letter, return receipt requested' was sent together along with an email. :-)

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