Friday, August 31, 2007

A New Asian Am. Scandal?

80-20 EF's "Don't Be Made A Sucker" was only 6 days old, when
another Asian Am. who raised funds for Sen. Clinton is clobbered in the
media and will probably end up in jail. His name is Norman Hsu. By now,
you have likely heard of him.

What can be learned form this and other similar campaign finance
scandals that have occurred too frequently in OUR community?

I like to suggest 3 DOs.

1) Respect the rules of democracy,
2) Realize that in Asia, people like us live as a part of the majority.
Therefore, politics can be a hobby and is often used for personal gains.
In the US, we live as a small minority, with much prejudice against us.
Therefore, politics is a must because we need GROUP political clout
to defend ourselves.
3) To achieve the above, we must give time and money to political orgs
such as the 80-20 PAC. That is how Jewish Ams and Cuban Ams won
their equal opportunity and justice.

To help get the above points across, here are 3 DO- NOTs.

1) Don't ever go against the laws governing politics/elections in America,
2) Don't be seduced by the sweet talks of politicians. Examine their record
of service to us before helping them,
3) Don't believe that politicians will do things for us unless we have
the clout to reward or punish their political careers.

How are Norman Hsu's political friends treating him now? Just read these

"A Fundraiser Shunned" - The Washington Post, 8/30/07
"Democrats Turn From Hsu" - The Los Angeles Times, 8/30/07
"Democrats Abandon Fundraiser ?? " - San Francisco Chronicle, 8/30/07

All this after Norman Hsu has given/raised so much money for Sen. Clinton
and other Democratic candidates. Now you know why 80-20 PAC sent
questionnaires to presidential candidates and asked for signed written answers
in Yes or No.

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Forward this and the above email to your friends. They may benefit from them.
Support 80-20! We work for you free. Some of us have even promised not to
run for offices and NEVER to accept a government appointment.

Best regards,

S. B. Woo
80-20 Educational Foundation

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Political Secrets VI: Don't Be Made A Sucker

"He who doesn't learn from history deserves to relive it"
-- George Santayana

In the 1996 election, many Asian Ams gave &/or raised big bucks for Bill
Clinton and DNC (Dem. Nat'l Comm.) & got zonked.

Remember these Asian Am. names?

John (F.O.B.*) Huang, Maria Hsia, Robert S. Lee (S. Korean), Yogesh
K. Gandhi (Indian Am), Pauline Kanchanalak (Thai), Charlie
Trie, Antonio Pan, and Johnny Chung. *Friend of Bill.

All of them helped raise money for Bill Clinton &/or DNC. All of them
were so eager to "serve" the politicians that they violated the law, some
were jailed and fined, others were put on probation and fined
. Lives ruined!

For proof, see a press release issued by the Justice Dept. under the Clinton
Indeed, much worse things were said about them by GOP politicians & their
press releases.

Their motives might have been good -- to help the politicians they
believe in and in the process help establish Asian Am. political clout.
But the results were disastrous -- for themselves and our community.

Day after day, mainstream media ran negative headline articles on
those individuals, fanning the belief that Asian Ams were "perpetual
foreigners" aiming to sabotage the American election system. Indeed, for
about 2 more years, D. and R. parties competed to distance themselves
from our community and went out of their way to stiff Asian Am big
donors to make each Party seem clean. HAVE WE FORGOTTEN?

To avoid a repeat, please be aware of the following:

1. Many politicians want you to believe that the more money you'll give
or raise for them, the more you'll get a personal reward after he/she is
elected. But they'll tell you that they can't discuss it in concrete
terms because it is against the law. "Caveat emptor." Don't be a sucker!

You may think that you are a F.O.B (Friend of Bill) or F.O.X. Chances are
that neither B nor X will remember you after the election is over. He/she
will have bigger interests after getting into the White House -- the affairs
of the nation.

2. In contrast, you can openly press the politicians about what he/she'll
do for the Asian American community. That is NOT against the
. The American forefathers had designed elections to be occasions
for little people like us to protect our rights, using the "power of the
ballot box." In addition, you'll feel great about yourself for having
pressed politicians to do the right things for us.

Only 3 Presidential candidates, Senators Biden, Dodd and Gravel, have
promised in concrete terms and in iron-clad manners to help Asian Ams.
achieve equal opportunity and justice, should they be elected. We are
confident that many more will do so. However, before they've done so,
don't help them in money or any other means!
Don't be a sucker!

Note that not a single Rep. presidential candidate has made a similar
promise yet. Countless AsAm Republicans have given most generously
to the GOP. What did they get back for our community? Ask them!

Love to get your feedback. Visit,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Political Secrets V: How to become strong politically

Cuban Ams (only 1.2 million in population) & Jewish Ams. (6 million)
have big political clout and enjoy equal opportunity in America. Cuban
Ams. have 2 US senators, 4 representatives and one cabinet member.
The number of Jewish Am political leaders? I have lost count. :-)
How come Asian Ams. don't enjoy equal opportunity yet, although we
are 13 million in number?

If the emerging anti-China political undercurrent alarms you in that its
aftermath may hurt Chinese/Asian Ams for decades to come, then
internalize the following two "MUSTS" to make ourselves politically much

(1) Politically, make very different choices while living in American

In Asia, we are members of the majority. A member of the majority
can take or leave politics, since the society is not prejudiced against us.

In USA, we are members of a very small minority composed mostly of
new immigrants
. There is a lot of prejudice against "Asians" &
"immigrants" in America. Hence, every Asian Am. MUST participate in
politics to build up our GROUP political clout. At the very least, you must

1) register to vote, and vote in all important elections,
2) give at least 0.1% of your gross income to Asian Am.
political organizations that truly fight for you, and
3) practice bloc votes to enhance our GROUP political clout.

(2) ONLY support politicians who help us achieve equality

Mainstream politicians have always known our folly to do just the
opposite. That is, we support "apparent winners" rather than those who
have performed services for us. Therefore they never bothered to do
anything to help us. When they wanted our money, they would sweet-talk
us into believing that they would be the likely winners.
Even Asian Am politicians are now exploiting our folly. They know that
the key to raising money from us is NOT their records of services to us. It
is whether they are likely winners in the next election, or whether they
have a high rank, or whether they will be holding the highest office in one
meaningless sub-classification or another. We need to demand service
from all politicians.

Please remember the above two lessons by heart, and we'll be much
stronger politically. Pass this message.

to share your view.

Best regards,
S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational foundation

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