Monday, August 4, 2014

Racial Attack on Elaine Chao/Preceeded by Beckel & Kimmel

  Racist Attack On Sec. Elaine Chao, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Wife

   A Democratic political consultant, Kathy Groob tweeted, “Hey Mitch, nothing against you and your spouse should be off limits, since you mentioned that she isn’t from Ky, she is Asian, on Fancy Farm." To see it click here.

   This is one more example of how when we let a statement like Beckel get away, all Asian Americans can suffer -- even a former cabinet secretary and the wife of a powerful Senate Minority leader. While we have had our policy disagreements with Sec. Chao, we decry racist statements against her. The next victim could be YOU or ALL OF US! Wake up!

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                 For Deterrence, let’s Get Beckel Fired First

(1) Feedback from the Caucasian wife of a ChAm. She’s an author.

“Dear Mr. Ailes,
I saw the ignorant musings of Bob Beckel speaking about the Chinese. If calling Chinese people Chinamen wasn't enough, his hand gesture at the end of his rant was downright despicable. Who is he to say, "We bring them over here, educate them and they attack us." The Chinese have been over here for generations— building our trains, growing our fruits (like the Bing Cherry), developing our
hardware and software industries, and creating our communities. America is not just one lily white nation with invaders constantly encroaching and threatening this peaceful existence. It is, and always has been, a melting pot of diverse people. For "newsmen" to speak otherwise is actually what is the largest threat to our nation.

I hope you will do what is right and find Mr. Beckel a more appropriate position- -off the air. Until then I will refrain from viewing your news. 

Jana McBurney-Lin” (Author of “My Half of the Sky” & “Blossoms and Bayonets”)

(2) Feedback from a Former Marine

“Dr. Woo, I salute your courage and effort in trying to achieve the goal of deterring racism and double standard in the U.S. main stream media. Shame on Fox and other news network that do not have the courage to right the wrongs and practice double standards. Had Beckel offended Jewish or African American on TV, he would have been fired in lightening speed. This incident shows how
ugly the role those mainstream media play.  

Richard Chui A former U.S.

                       My Reply to Richard Chui

"Dear Richard, 

What you said about double standard of the US media is absolutely right. Indeed even the moral standing of the US, which often accuses other nations for not respecting minorities, is in danger.

However, the courage and effort came from our ENTIRE org., not me alone. Please SALUTE OUR BOARD members & advisers who are all volunteers. We have one paid staff,
who nevertheless sacrifice just as much as us all."

     Acknowledging the Courage & Effort of Unsung Heroes & Heroines

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