Monday, July 19, 2021

We are Hiring

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Big Attractions of this job?
a) You get paid above market salary while you serve the AsAm community;
b) You work on cyberspace: no need to relocate & saving daily traveling time;
c) Exceptional upward mobility. If you are good, you can be the Executive
     Director of 80-20 in 2 to 3 years i.e. practically becoming the leader of
     80-20. 80-20’s current president will be 84 in one month. He’ll spend time
     nurturing you, teaching you about American politics in a way that is not
     available in any book. He may also transfer to you the private email
     addresses and cell numbers of political VIPs across the nation;
d) Job title and salary depend on your qualifications. There is no upper limit;
e) 80-20 is on the verge of taking off to become the one and only world-class
    AsAm political org. Your name could go down in history.

Brief Background of 80-20:

      80-20 has 2 related but independent organizations. They are i) 80-20 Educational Foundation, which is a 501 c-3 org. and ii) a political action committee (PAC). The two components share the same political goal of protecting the rights of AsAms and winning equal opportunity for them in workplaces and in college admissions. 

      80-20 has 23 years of fighting experience, winning many battles that the "timids" thought impossible. As it fought, it grew stronger, gathering total assets of about $5.5 million, and an email list of 180,000 valid AsAm e-addresses. That is an ability to reach 594,000 AsAms with its weekly e-newsletter, since each e-address, on the average, reaches a family of 3.3 persons.

     80-20 is headed by S. B. Woo, former Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89). He is guided by 80-20’s Board of 6 great Board Members. All officers and Board Members are volunteers and have donated exceptionally generously to 80-20.

      80-20 is unique in many ways. It is honest to a fault. It is courageous and dedicated to achieving its mission. It has rich political experience. It has won some and lost some but it always fought on. 80-20 sometimes complains, without naming names, that many AsAm orgs are too timid, spending too much time talking to each other, and issuing press releases which are NOT covered by the media. 80-20 advocates taking actions which help our community.

       To appreciate the kind of effective and courageous service that 80-20 has provided, click on . There are about 250 weekly e-newsletters for you to choose from. Click on one of the titles to read both the e-newsletter (shown at the end of a page) and the readers' comments on that e-newsletter.
       To know the formal structures of 80-20 (not likely of interest to most readers), click on. a), & b).  
Requirements of This Job:

        Don’t apply, if you are not exceptionally 

A) smart & hard working. Woo works day & night, weekends or during vacation time in order to serve the community in a timely & proficient manner;
B) public-service minded as opposed to career-minded;
C) willing to learn and self-motivated (80-20 doesn’t have an office where you’ll be nurtured constantly by some colleagues); and
D) tough. Politics is NOT a field for the weak and easily discouraged.
   Otherwise, we'd love to have you apply. Please email me your resume, including your SAT scores. An applicant should at least have a Bachelor's degree and have done very well scholastically. We are very pragmatic. If you think that you may not meet one of our standards but are nevertheless extremely qualified, please apply and explain why.

       We like to believe that we served you well. Now is the time for you to HELP BACK. If you know of friends & relatives that have the type of talent, ambition and personality that this job requires, please be so kind as to forward this e-newsletter to him/her. We currently have one full-time staff. We are expanding. We want to serve you well from generation to generation.

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Monday, July 12, 2021

Our Best Chance to Make HARVARD Do the Right Thing

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Our Best Chance to Make HARVARD Do the Right Thing

   The federal court case Students for Fair Admissions vs. President and Fellows of Harvard College (“SFFA v. Harvard”) has been making its way through the federal court system for almost 7 years now.   The case is spearheaded by SFFA and led by Ed Blum, a very successful and renowned litigant on the matter of race-based affirmative action.  It has finally reached the steps of the Supreme Court. The case was originally thought to be on track to be heard by the Supreme Court by next spring, but the court has recently asked the Biden Administration, via its Solicitor General, to file a brief, laying out its arguments.  That brief is expected to be filed sometime this fall, but it could be filed as late as early 2022, which may mean that the Supreme Court will not hear the case until mid-to-late 2022.  See SFFA v. Harvard; see also SFFA website

SFFA v. Harvard is ultimately a case about fairness.  Asian American applicants to the Ivy League have faced a de facto quota for decades, and it is about time that the Supreme Court strike down this deeply unfair practice.  Despite a dramatic increase in the number of Asian Americans as a proportion of the overall American population, and a concomitant increase in the number of Asian American applicants over the past 30-plus years, the proportion of admitted Asian American applicants at Harvard (and other Ivy League schools) had remained relatively stagnant, at a range of ~15% to ~17% of the overall admitted class, until SFFA v. Harvard was filed in 2014.  From 2014 until this year, the proportion of admitted Asian American applicants to Harvard has risen incrementally each year.  This year (2021, admitting for the Class of 2025), AsAms constituted approximately ~25% of the incoming class.  That incremental rise can probably be attributed to the immense pressure placed on Harvard by virtue of the ongoing federal court case of SFFA v. Harvard, which has been well-publicized.  

But we are NOT finished yet.  The lower courts, at the trial court and recently at the Circuit Court of Appeals, have ruled against SFFA (and for Harvard), deciding that Harvard’s de facto discrimination based on race is NOT a violation of federal law.  SFFA is hopeful that the Supreme Court will see fit to review the case, and that they will ultimately rule against Harvard.  

Harvard will NOT go quietly on this issue, and that is largely because Harvard, along with the rest of the Ivy League, has a long and deeply ingrained interest, built on centuries of momentum, to maintain the "good ol' boy" network, which, since the time of America's patrician Founding Fathers, has been overwhelmingly White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.  

It would be ineffective to simply try to "shame" the Ivy League leadership into the notion that they need to live up to a meritocratic ideal, so that they can in turn better reflect the American value of meritocracy. There is no such compulsion, within the soul of the Ivy League, because what they have been doing for centuries is to maintain the momentum of the privileged elite "blue-bloods", into each new decade. In turn, when they do this, they keep the elite satisfied, so that they continue to support their alma mater, and the cycle becomes a very mutually beneficial one, maintaining each Ivy League university's status and prestige.  

That’s why it is so important for us to all press on and support SFFA in its ongoing battle with Harvard.  Long considered the leader of the Ivy League, as its oldest university, if Harvard is legally forced to act fairly with respect to Asian American admissions, the rest of the Ivy League will have to follow.  

Let’s all do our best to support SFFA, and hope for their success.  They are doing battle on our Asian American community’s behalf, and their success in this case will lay the foundations for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to have equal access to America’s most elite colleges.  Our Union will then be well on its way to becoming more perfect, as our Forefathers envisioned.

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Stephen P. Lin (writing a guest column)
Special Assistant to the President,
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,