Wednesday, January 15, 2014

White House FINALLY Responded

   The White House has responded to the petition signed by 105,111 persons of Chinese descent last Friday. FINALLY! The petition requested the White House to ask ABC to "cut the show and issue a formal apology." Click here to read the White House response.

   After having read it, are you
a. satisfied or
b. disappointed or
c. neither? Have you learned a lesson about America & its government?

  This is a teachable moment!

     In a democracy, a government faces many limits to act, even in protecting the weak. The WEAK must setup ways to protect themselves. The good part of democracy is that the WEAK ones, e.g. the AsAms, are allowed to organize powerful political action committees (PAC), and bloc votes to defeat politicians who ignore the rightful interests of the WEAK.

   You may now understand why 80-20 has

1) not participated in this White House petition, and
3) repeatedly ADVOCATED for AsAm to rely on SELF-empowerment.

   TO COMPARE the results of SELF-reliance versus reliance on White House:

a) The Jimmy Kimmel's "kill all Chinese" show was aired on Oct. 16, 2013.
b) 80-20 got ABC to remove the skit from all ABC platforms on Oct. 23, 2013.
c) 80-20 got ABC executives responsible for the Kimmel show to send 80-20 President, S. B. Woo, a written apology intended to be conveyed to all persons of Chinese descent on Oct. 25, 2013. See the apology here.
d) The White House petition, which so many of you placed such high hopes in, responded almost 3 months later on January 10, 2014, when the issues of "cut the show and issue a formal apology" were moot.

   Have you donated to 80-20 EF's SELF project? It aims to raise at least the minimum effective self- empowering amount of $1 million per year for 5 years. Currently, 80-20's annual budget is only $100k.

   If SELF fails to raise the amount in another 20 months, your donation will be fully refunded to you. In addition, 80-20 will admit its failure to educate the AsAm politically and probably go into demise so that another AsAm political organization can do a better job than 80-20.

   For now, we are trying very very hard to serve you effectively.

Please donate to SELF by clicking below

Your donation is tax deductible. We have thus far raised more than $219,000/yr for 5 years. Please pitch in. God helps those who help themSELVES.

S. B,Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Educational Foundation

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Let a Pulitzer winning reporter WAKE YOU UP!

   Will you knowingly let others OPENLY discriminate against you & your children? No self-respecting individual will!

   Unfortunately, such an OPEN discrimination against Asian Ams exists. Listen to Dan Golden's audio clip below.

   Dan Golden is a Pulitzer-prize winning author and the Deputy Bureau Chief, Boston, of Wall Street Journal. He is an expert in college admissions.

   He is NOT even ideologically with us. Indeed, he supports "race-conscious" admissions. Nevertheless, he straightforwardly states that Asian Americans are DISCRIMINATED against by the current admissions policy.

   Hear his 4-minute audio statement on that matter: .

   When even a neutral observer calls the admissions policy discriminatory toward AsAms. Do YOU want to do something about it? This is an OPEN discrimination against you. Do you have the guts to speak up and the substance to take action?

   Read on. The worst is yet to come.

   What scares me as should you is that Asian Am NATIONAL organizations, AAJC, AALDEF, OCA, and JACL repeatedly SUPPORTED this discriminatory policy against AsAms by filing Amicus briefs with the US District Courts, Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court supporting this "race-conscious" admissions policy.

   When 80-20 discovered this dirty little secret, we spoke up for you.

   80-20 filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court AGAINST this policy in 2013. We also got most of the Indian Am national orgs to co-file with us. As a result, some AsAm orgs. seem to be repenting. If true, we compliment them for their repentance.

   However, AAJC of D.C. (Asian Am Justice Center) and AALDEF of NY (Asian Am Legal Defense) are still filing in the 5th Circuit Court to support this discriminatory admission policy against Asian Ams.

   Wake up! Ask yourself these questions and think

(1) Do you need 80-20 to protect you? Who else can you turn to?
(2) Can 80-20 protect you effectively when its annual budget is only $0.1 million, while AAJC and AALDEF spend tens of times more each year
     -- using money from liberal foundations which have always placed more importance in other minorities than AsAms?
(3) Are you too stingy to donate your own money to protect yourself against discrimination? Do you want your children to respect you? They know that they are being discriminated against in college admissions. That's why many didn't want to identify themselves as Asian Am. Is that a reflection on ALL of us for our timidity and ineffectiveness?     

   ALL self-respecting individuals will do their shares to fight against OPEN discrimination against them. Will you?

   Donate to 80-20 EF's SELF project now, CLICK HERE. Act! Don't just sit and watch others fight!

Wishing you a great 2014,

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation
PS: To buy Dan Golden's new book "The Price of Admission" at Amazon, click here. I bought one.
To listen to the entire 15 minute audio tape by Dan Golden, click here .

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