Monday, February 17, 2014

Good and Bad News

                                        GOOD NEWS:

[1] 16 US corporations gift-match for 80-20's SELF:

The corporations are:
  1) Boeing           2) Adobe           3) ATT           4) Microsoft
  5) TE Connectivity     6) Amylin Parmaceuticals     7) Merck
  8) Sana Capital
(an enterprise owned by an Asian Am)     9) Amgen
  10) Morgan Stanley Annual     11) Rockefeller Foundation
  12) JPMorgan Chase Foundation   13) EOG Resources   (14)GE

Approval for gift-matching from IBM and Qualcomm are still pending.
Does your company offer matching? If so, take advantage of it. It may NOT be too late to apply for gift-matching for your donations to SELF made months ago.   Most companies permit retroactive matching.

[2] 2013 Year-End Accounting of SELF Completed

   Money in the SELF account is NOT to be spent, unless we reach $ 1million/yr for 5 years. If 80-20 doesn't achieve this minimum goal, your donations will be RETURNED TO YOU IN FULL. So we did a careful accounting.
   Every Penny accounted for up till 12/31/2013! :-)

   We thank Lynn Chen-Zhang, CPA, and Kathleen To, former 80-20 PAC President, for handling the checks, the Paypal payments and doing the accounting.

                                              BAD NEWS:

[1] CA Chinese-Am Senators Voted for "race-conscious" College Admissions

   3 California Senators just voted to go against the will of the CA voters. They voted to bring back "race-conscious" admission policy in colleges. Understandably, it was pushed by the Hispanic community, because they want more of their children to get into first tier CA colleges. What is NOT understandable is that all three Ch-Am state senators voted for the bill, which will work AGAINST Asian Am. applicants.

   Asian Am politicians have always raised money from us. We'd like them to protect our rightful interests. Each of them could easily have voted "NO!" by stating that they don't want to oppose the expressed will of CA voters, because Proposition 209, which prohibits "race-conscious" practices in CA, passed overwhelmingly a few years back. Shall 80-20 take action? Love to have your comment. To comment, please click here.

[2] Donation to SELF slowed down!

    $250,000/yr for 5 years should be reached a long time ago. Instead, we are at $225,000/yr. If 80-20 fails to reach its minimum goal to raise $1 million per year for 5 years in another 21 months, 80-20'll admit its failure to serve you well. 80-20 Initiative will probably demise shortly thereafter.

   Since 80-20 came on the scene 14 yrs ago, no organization, whether Asian or non-Asian, has fought as hard & gotten as much results for YOU. To donate click here.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer,
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation

PS: My apologies to those new Life Members and regular members that we didn't put your names on our MEMBERSHIP list for the past few months, owing to a staff error. Click here to see your own names being displayed proudly.