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Courage is your name, AsAms.

Courage Is A Required Ingredient.
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      Last Monday, we asked "What if even the Democratic candidates will not answer 80-20's questionnaire?"

      Here is how 80-20, under S. B. Woo, handled it.  It exemplifies "Courage is your name, AsAms."
                                          The 1st Battle                                              

     By Nov., 2007, candidates like Sens. Biden, Dodd and Gravel had answered 80-20's questionnaire of 6 questions with 6 yeses.  Unfortunately, the apparent "leading" candidate Sen. H. Clinton didn't.  After behind the scenes pleading with Clinton had failed, 80-20 went public with a "call to action" asking the AsAm public to tell Clinton how we felt. That didn't work either.  A battle unfolded.  Happily, Sen. Clinton eventually saw our plight. Here is the e-newsletter-by-e-newsletter description of the battle: 
                   DATE             TITLE OF 80-20's E-NEWSLETTER
             11/27/2007   Call To Action - Write to Sen. Clinton's Campaign
                      12/01   Clinton's Statement Versus 80-20's 6 Questions
                      12/03   Contents of Faxes from AsAms to Sen. Clinton
                      12/05   Spreading Outrage Against Sen. Clinton (80-20 asked
                                   "Does Sen. Clinton have the courage to stand up for 
                                    America's core value -- equal opportunity?)

              12/10/2007   Sen. Clinton Replied graciously to 80-20's questionnaire with All Yeses
                                           The 2nd Battle

    By that time, Sen. Edwards & Gov. Richardson had also answered our questionnaire with 6 yeses.  NOT Sen. Obama, however!

    Behind the scenes pleading occurred.  That didn't  work.  80-20 again went public and issued a "call to action' asking the AsAm public to fax Obama. That didn't work either.  

    An even bigger battle ensued, lasting almost 2 months.  80-20's e-newsletters called on its AsAm supporters to defeat Obama in all future Dem. primaries twice!  We endorsed Sen. Clinton in CA's primary, and bought newspaper and radio ads in CA asking AsAms to vote for Hillary. AsAms responded to 80-20's endorsement by voting 3 to 1 for Hillary, according to CNN.

    Our message got through.  Sen. Obama also graciously answered with 6 yeses.   Here is the e-newsletter-by-e-newsletter description of the battle: 

                         DATE      TITLE OF 80-20's E-NEWSLETTER
                 12/17/2007  * Call To Action -- Fax Sen. Obama
                          12/20  * Fax from Asian Ams to Sen. Obama
                          12/27  * Call To Action - Defeat Obama
                          12/28  * Reactions to "Call to DEFEAT Obama"
                          12/31  * Defeat Obama
                   1/02/2008  * GOOD NEWS
                            1/07  Are the promises Really Iron Clad
                            1/12  An Open Letter to Sen. Obama
                            1/13  * Fantastic Reaction to "Letter to Sen. Obama"
                            1/18  * A Historic Fight Begins in California (80-20 
                                         endorsed Hillary in CA's Democratic primary                                                  against Obama)
                            1/19  * Feedback: We'll Fight This Historic Battle (rooting 
                                          for Hillary)
                            1/21  * Victory Now & For Future Generations (rooting for 
                            1/23  * Great News!  Must read (rooting for Hillary)
                            1/25  * Higher College Admission Bars for Asian 
                                        Ams (rooting for Hillary)
                            1/27  * How close is the race btwn Clinton & Obama 
                                       (Polls showed AsAms voting 3 to 1 for Sen. Clinton)
                             1/29  * Why? Why? Why? Political Insight! 
                                        (rooting for Hillary)

                    1/31/2008    Sen. Obama Replied graciously with all Yeses
   The titles of all the above e-newsletters can STILL be seen on our website.  Click here, & go to the Blog Archive on the right to click on 2007 Nov. and Dec and then 2008 January.   However, the contents of these e-newsletters with a * to the left have all been deleted, because those were words of anger said in a fierce fight.
Who But 80-20, Under the Right Leadership?

   Two great battles fought.  Friendship from two political leaders won!  Who supplied the COURAGE?  YOU!    

   You be the judge.  Do you know any other AsAm org. that has this kind of
political know-how, courage, and accomplishment?

                                 Post your views here.      Donate 
S. B. Woo, 

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

   80-20 EF gratefully acknowledges the generous donation of $10,000 by Peter W. Chen, Demarest, NJ this year.  The first $5000 check was sent on 1/29/2019, and another one was sent recently.

PS:  Know a few wealthy AsAms who could donate a million dollars or two to a SuperPAC?  Please email  .
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Monday, April 22, 2019

Required knowledge for Presidential elections

KNOWLEDGE is power

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Q:  Why is every presidential election a golden opportunity for AsAms?
      Candidates need votes, and we need political support to achieve equal citizenship. During an election, politicians are willing to trade support for votes.  Once the election is over, they'll normally balk at new requests for help.
      Elections have a deadline.  Politicians are eager to make a deal, thereby putting them in a weak position. Note that candidates will only negotiate with a community that has a record of delivering a bloc vote.  Thank god that 80-20, under S. B. Woo, has a track record of delivering bloc votes.  See the table below.

Q:  Will the promises be kept by the politicians?
      Not necessarily.  For the promises to be kept, they must be in writing.  That is why 80-20 insists on candidates answering its  QUESTIONNAIRE.

Q:  Is having promises in writing good enough?
      It's good enough if & only if an immigrant community has a political organization like 80-20 that has the skills to keep the winning politician honest, by manipulating two strong incentives: (1) The promises are in writing. They can be shown to the world, if welched and (2) The politician will face re-election - a potential payback time.

Q:  Will you give an example of a candidate keeping his/her promises?
      In 2008, candidate Obama promised 80-20 to "increase the number of Article III (i.e. life-tenured) federal district court and circuit court judges to half the % of AsAms in the U.S."   President Obama actually did a little better than he promised.  Look at the rapid increases in AsAm federal life-tenured judges
in his first 6 years, shown below.

      Chris Lu, Obama's Deputy Labor Secretary, was the last official to sign off on any new senior executive service (SES) appointments.  Under his tutelage, the number of AsAm SES's increased by an astonishing 100%.  However, Pres. Obama's promise to break the glass ceiling in private industries and universities was not as satisfactorily fulfilled.  80-20 shall focus more on that area in 2020.

Q: 80-20 has achieved many almost impossible dreams for our community, owing to your political clout.  But is 80-20 a Democratic front, pretending to be non-partisan???  Look at your record of endorsements, you've endorsed Democrats only!  
        An excellent question.  I don't blame you for harboring the suspicion. However, are you aware that none of the Republican presidential candidates have ever answered 80-20's QUESTIONNAIRES

Will you be extremely mad at 80-20if we endorse a Republican 
candidate without his/her promises in writing; proceed to deliver a 
bloc vote to the candidate; he/she gets into the White House; and 
doesn't help us back at all?   How foolish will we look?

          Politics needs to be learnt.  One needs to think through all angles & consequences.  We must not let our community be humiliated or suffer fools by ill-conceived or amateurish political projects.

        Please remember that Republican presidential candidates are willing to sign a pledge not to increase taxes.   So why wouldn't they give us promises in writing?  It's a matter of a contest of wills.  A Republican presidential candidate will one day, perhaps as soon as 2020, answer our QUESTIONNAIRE. 

        If Pres. Trump or another Republican presidential candidate will answer our QUESTIONNAIRE in writing, then he/she will be entitled to equal consideration to win our endorsement.

Q: What if even the Democratic candidates will not answer 80-20's QUESTIONNAIRE?

      Low-tier Democratic presidential candidates will answer most questionnaires, because they hope to get more support to survive the next primary.  The top-tier ones are much more reluctant, but they also face the pressure of the next primary.  Next Monday, we'll show you how we handled the situation when H. Clinton and B. Obama at first would not answer our QUESTIONNAIRE in 2008.   Please pass our political experience & knowledge to all AsAms for the shared future.

                             Post your views here.      Donate 

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
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Monday, April 15, 2019

Is a bloc vote legal?

Q&As to advance our political maturity

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(1) "Is 80-20's advocacy of a bloc vote legal?"  Absolutely! 
      80-20 not only advocates but also executes a bloc vote. Indeed, it informs, 
with pride, the elected officials that it can deliver a bloc vote.

(2)  "Is a bloc vote too extreme?" Not at all!
      Almost all Americans cast a bloc vote.  We, being mostly new immigrants, may simply not be aware of it, owing to our lack of political maturity.  See the following data which are shown in CNN's Exit Poll website in 2008, under "Vote by Party ID": 
                                   Obama       McCain         Others 
Democrats (39%)         
89%             10%               1% 
Republicans (32%)       9%               
90%              1% 
   The above shows that people who are serious about partisan issues cast their bloc vote.  Other types of bloc votes are a) blacks favored Obama by 95/4, and b) "conservatives" favored McCain by 78/20.

(3)  "Are Asian Ams calling too much attention to ourselves, in boasting about
       our success in organizing a bloc vote?" No!
      In America, the more attention you get about your ability to legally influence the outcome of elections, especially important elections, the better it is.

(4)  "Does a bloc vote work against democracy?" No. A bloc vote protects 
       David Broder, Dean of America's political columnists, describes a bloc vote as "one of the unnoticed glories of American life." Why? Because a bloc vote gives a small minority the power to get politicians' attention to their rightful concerns. Otherwise, when push comes to shove, Asian Ams' interests will normally be sacrificed first, as was the case prior to 80-20's existence.  

(5)   What gives 80-20, led by Woo, its political clout?  Its ability to reward &
        punish politicians through the AsAm bloc vote.  Do remember, 
        however, whatever political clout 80-20 has, it comes from YOUR bloc 
        vote!  All data provided by the NYT.
       See (1) how each endorsement delivered an advantage to the presidential candidate.  (2) With the passing of years, our bloc vote got bigger and bigger, and (3) an endorsement with reservationowing to failing to reach complete agreement with the candidateshrank the size of the bloc vote.  (1), (2) and (3) are examples of how 80-20, under Woo, rewarded and punished presidential political candidates.   

       You see that 80-20 has to punish not only all the Republican candidates who refused to answer 80-20's questionnaires (i.e they refused to give us promises in writing) but also some Democratic presidential candidates who do make promises to us in writing but did NOT go far enough.

       Our recent poll indicated that if a SuperPAC were to be formed under Woo's leadership, it should be able to deliver a SWING bloc vote for the first time.  With such an ability, equal opportunity for us and our children beckons!  

(6) The above table indicates that 80-20 has endorsed a Democrat in all 4 past presidential elections.  Could 80-20 actually be pretending to be neutral but isin reality a Democratic front?  

   NO!  You have the right to harbor such a suspicion, but don't jump to your conclusion yet.   In the next e-newsletter, we'll explain things to you, likely to your complete satisfaction.   Politics, like everything else, needs to be learned.

     Does the above begin to show you the complexity of politics? What could seem black is actually white & vice versa. If you agree, but you still have doubts about 80-20's integrity, then wait until you've read the next e-newsletter. Try to help 80-20 back. 80-20 serves you in a unique & extremely significant way.
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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
To know more about 80-20, view these videos :  (Ignore the last 35 secs. The election is over.)