Monday, February 27, 2012

CALL TO ACTION - College Admission

A great moment has arrived. The Supreme Court has decided to review racial preference in college admission. 80-20 will be in the fight. We'll make a difference, IF you'll complete the SURVEY, shown below!

80-20 Educational Foundation shall file "a friend of the court" legal brief, WITHIN 2 MONTHS, advocating

"a race neutral and merit-based college admission policy. By merit-based, it means based on the current scholastic achievement and evaluated future potential of an applicant."

Take 80-20's SURVEY To Project Your Voice To The Supreme Court!

All Asian Americans (US citizens & permanent residents) may take this SURVEY. You can choose FOR or AGAINST the race-neutral admission policy advocated by 80-20. Result of the survey will be reported in 80-20's legal brief to the Supreme Court.

To take the SURVEY, click on .

Asian Am. Lawyers To Help File The Amicus Brief?

We have great data and new info for that brief. This may be a great opportunity for some Asian Am lawyers to shine while doing our community a great service. & to be remembered by history. Contact me.

Our Chance of Affecting the Supreme Court Decision?

Significant, if our SURVEY has 50,000 particpants and the consensus is clear.

The Supreme Court last confirmed the current race-based admission policy in 2003 by a 5-4 vote. Now that Justice O'Connor has been replace by Justice Alito, many legal experts expect the vote will be reversed. In addition, Justices, Elena Kagan has recused herself on this decision.

The court will hear the case in Oct. However, the SURVEY must be done in 2 months BEFORE the deadline to file the legal brief.

Do We Care About Giving Qualified Minority Student A Chance?

Absolutely! Note that 80-20 advocates an admission policy that also emphasize "evaluated potential of an applicant." Current scholastic achievement is NOT everything.

New research has found that the current admission policy 5bf0 creates an "academic mismatch" that injures black and Hispanic students. Many college admission staff consider having more blacks & Hispanics on campus as an honor badge. They admit unqualified students who would later feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the competition resulting in low
graduation rates and avoidance of fields in STEM. See a Chronicle of Higher Ed article: .

Go take the survey NOW & forward this email to every Asian Am you know, especially COLLEGE BOUNDS. We need 50,000 participants to have an impact! Click on .


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc. .

* When a survey of 50,000 AsAm participants is projected to the national
population scale, it will be equivalent to 1,000,000 people having taken
the survey, since the national population is 20 times larger.

Speak your piece at our poster board. I welcome you!
. .

Sunday, February 26, 2012

10,000 AsAms Petitioned Pres. Obama!!!

10,000 Asian Ams. have signed a petition to Pres. Obama,
since 80-20's "Call To Action" 8 days ago,

Crying out for justice for Danny Chen!

80-20 Educational Foundation will formally present the result of our
petition to Pres. Obama, although the White House was informed all along.

You need to do YOUR PART for full impact. Click on this link to find a map: . Click on your state to find the
names & the "Contact Form" of your 2 US senators and 1 congressperson.
Click on the URL at the extreme right opposite to a senator's name.
Complete the table with your name, Zipcode, …, etc. Then copy & paste
the following to the email window, provided in each site.

"10,000 Asian Ams have petitioned Pres. Obama crying out
for justice for Danny Chen. This is an emotionally explosive
issue with the entire Asian Am. community. To see the
petition and names of those petitioners, visit

Danny Chen was subjected to almost daily race-based
hazing and physical abuse by his superiors and comrades
in the lead-up to his death. For more information click on .

10,000 Asian American petitioners, when projected to
the national scale, are equivalent to 200,000 US citizens
petitioning, since Asian Ams represent only 1/20 of the
national population. PLEASE PAY KEEN ATTENTION
to this explosive issue whose solution is JUSTICE."

If you'll do your part, 80-20 shall secure justice for Danny Chen and ALL
Asian Ams. Contact your congressional representatives NOW! It'll take
only a few minutes. A dose of preventive medicine goes a long way!


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Eductional Foundation (80-20NAAEF)

PS: For the OTHER case in which an Asian Am soldier also committed
suicide, all the trials are over. 2 of the accused soldiers were freed,
and the 3rd got one month of jail time only.
Recall how our inexperienced
elected officials tried to mix this case with that of Danny Chen. They also
emphasized "training programs" BEFORE justice has been secured. 80-20
was compelled to intervene & oppose. The validity of 80-20's leadership
and judgment is now OBVIOUS.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6400 have signed! Have you?

6400 have signers signed a petition to President Obama, our Commander-

in-Chief of arm forces, in 5 days!

They, our best and brightest, helped to make it known that justice must be served in the case of Danny Chen.

If you have NOT signed yet, click on NOW! We want to reach 10,000 signers in a few more day.

Do your share! Otherwise, lives of Asian American soldiers in the Armed
Serivcs will not be worth a damn. We will bear the shame of allowing Vincent
Chin II
to happen, when we could have asserted ourselves to prevent it.

We are masters of our own destiny. We are proud pioneers who 
willingly go above and beyond our call of duty. SIGN NOW AND 


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

CALL TO ACTION - Sign A Petition To Pres. Obama

Call To Action

On Danny Chen's case we must STAND & FIGHT!

Justice must be secured for Danny Chen who was verbally, mentally and physically abused for RACIAL REASONS by his superiors and comrades to death.

If Justice fails, it will mean :

1. The US Army, indeed America, permits racism,

2. All Asian American soldiers' lives will be not worth a damn henceforth, and

3. We, Asian Americans, as a group will deserve to be the laughing stock of the world.

Take personal responsibility to make sure that "Vincent Chin II" does NOT happen. ACT NOW!

Sign the PETITION TO PRESIDENT OBAMA. Ask him to secure Justice for Danny Chen. He is our Commander-In-Chief. Click on

Your signing alone is NOT enough. Get ALL your relatives & Asian American friends to participate in this "Justice First Movement." Forward this "Call to Action." A fantastically large number of signers shall convince Pres. Obama to take action. Only then have we fulfilled our generational duties to our offspring, and our patriotic duties to America.


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

JUSTICE FIRST -- Don't mix Danny's case with the other

If YOU aim to achieve justice for Danny Chen, then DO NOT MIX Danny's case with another case of an AsAm soldier committing suicide, possibly owing to hazing. The other case was much weaker. Two of the 3 culprits have already being tried. The first guilty soldier got a slap on
the wrist. The second one was found NOT guilty yesterday.

Do NOT mix the 2 cases, because OTHERWISE the same type of results could be handed down to those who bullied Danny Chen. Those who mixed the 2 cases will have paved the way for that kind of result.

There are 2 HUGE DIFFERNECES between the two cases:
1) The bullying of Danny Chen was clearly racial. The other hazing was likely caused by the AsAm soldier falling sleep repeatedly during guard duties in a war zone. See the differences!

2) Danny was a Private, he was bullied by his superiors who actually have the duty to protect him. The other AsAm was hazed by 3 soldiers, two of whom were fellow corporals. A subtle but important legal pt.

Our community lacks experienced leaders. Past significant mistakes by in-experienced Asian Am. leaders include:

(a) The fouling up of the Vincent Chin's case: An Asian Am. prosecution attorney was possibly tricked into coaching witnesses. It led to a REVERSAL of a guilty finding, with a 25 years of jail sentence for the culprit, by a higher federal court. Visit .

(b) Earlier, in Danny Chen's case there was a bandwagon of inexperienced Asian Am. leaders emphasizing "training programs against hazing" instead of insisting on "Justice First." 80-20 pointed out that training programs would he ineffective, if the guilt ones would be let off easy. Immediately, 80-20 started the "Justice First Movement," and stopped that bandwagon!

Congresswoman Judy Chu has joined 80-20's "Justice First Movement." We thank her.

Don't relax. Another HUGE mistake could be in the making.

Recently, in-experienced Asian Am leaders are MIXING THE TWO CASES in one breadth. Ask them to think things through. Perhaps, nudge them to just follow 80-20's lead.

Is justice for the other AsAm soldier important? YES! Does 80-20 have enough resources to do a good job in both? NO! Hopefully, one day, with your support, 80-20 will have enough resources to cover ALL needed cases.

Please comment on NOT MIXING THE TWO CASES. Click on Thanks.

S. B. Woo, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.
http://www.80-20 584a

Ping S. Chung, Morristown NJ: $1,000
Harry Xu, Allendale, NJ: $1,000 to 80-20 PAC
Puzzled: The last 4 Life Members all came from NJ. Who is doing such a
effective recruiting job for 80-20 in NJ?