Friday, April 22, 2011

S. B. Woo's View On Ivies & AsAm Applicants

Below is my personal view, not representing any organization.

I read tens of letters on the topic of Ivies' admission of Asian
American applicants, many were for my eyes only and therefore honestly
expressed. They helped to educate me. Most were very thoughtful. A few
were astoundingly self-centered. At the risk of speaking too soon, I want to
share my unique perspective gained from reading those letters.

We Are Again Our Own Enemy

Asian Ams too often emphasize success but not "paying forward"
in life. As a result we lack social conciousness. We frequently view education
as a means to achieve fame and fortune and give too little weight to
helping the society and the world. Many parents are that way. Even
our youngsters, having taken so many pictures of their parents' priorities,
are often that way. Even when our youngsters volunteer for a public cause,
it was to shine up their resumes.

Once we've added social conciousness to our focus on education and
diligence, once the earlier AsAm Ivies graduates have begun to
distinguish themselves in not just making money but also to bettering
the community, nation and the world, Ivies are certain to want AsAms more.

Why? Because it makes Ivies proud to have such graduates. Ivies
already have their share of graduates who know how to make money. Is
it Ivies' fault that they want more of their graduates to be leaders who
try to benefit the nation and the world?

Is It All Our Fault? No. Ivies probably Discriminate.

Having said the above, I personally also suspect, with only indirect
evidences, that Ivies discriminate against Asian Am applicants.

Evidence 1: UC, Berkeley has admitted much higher % of Asian Ams, after
it adopted a race-blind admission policy, although it has NOT de-
emphasized the need for diversity in all other aspects. If anything, UC
probably added weight to the value of diversity except race. Hence, the
typical conjecture that Ivies reject many Asian Am applicants with superb
academic achievements owing to their lack of other talents is probably

Evidence 2: When our nation clearly discriminates against Asian
American adults in their career path to managerial levels in workplaces,
(See irrefutable evidence in the full page announcement in Washington
Post shown below, sponsored by 80-20 & published on Sept. 6, 2006), why
would it hesitate to discriminate against the Asian Am youngsters? Note
that the analysis shown in Chart 1 has been verified in writing by
EEOC's Chief Statistician Ronald Edwards.

A Simple Win-Win Solution

Asian Ams need to keep the good part of our culture (emphasis
in 483 education, work ethic, caring for relatives, . . , etc.) and add a heavy
dose of social conciousness to our value system. It'll not only result
in less discrimination against our children in Ivies but also less discrimi-
nation against our adults in workplaces. Note that a general increase in
social conciousness among Asian Ams will inevitably add to greater Asian
Am GROUP political clout which is the best way to deter discrimination
agains an immigrant community. America will win too. It'll become a
"more perfect Union" and will have more talented citizens more motivated
to serve our nation


S. B. Woo, A volunteer President
80-20 Educational Foundation. In this
article, he speaks for himself only

A Washington Post Announcement Sponsored by 80-20, Sept. 6, 2006