Friday, April 2, 2010

Reactions to "Courage Needed"

3 days ago, 80-20 EF asked these questions:

Why Is Courage Crucial to the Asian Am. Community?
Why So Few Asian Am Orgs. showed Courage?
What YOU Can Do To Deter Meekness?

EF asked for readers' reactions, explicitly inviting negative comments. The
above questions seem to strike a resonant cord in our readers' hearts. No
negative comments. The consensus is that Asian Am. orgs need to
fight the hard fight
-- win equal opportunity in workplaces for the 15
million Asian Ams.

Here are some excerpts. Apologies to all for not being able to use all
your good comments.

1) "That's so true! Thanks and I'll forward it to other AsAm." Sherman

2) "pls read, share and forward with as many possible! this is really
important!" Seema Agarwal who forwarded "Courage
needed" to his friends.

3) "Great communique, SB! Thank you for your courage in raising this
systemic weakness in the Asian-American leadership circle. The diagnosis
may be unpleasant but it is what we need if we want things to
fundamentally improve. Thanks again for your leadership." Man

4) "Excellent article!"

5) "I strongly agree that AA leaders need to fight the hard fight. Continued
work for the enforcement of equal opportunity for all Americans. through
Exec. Order 11246 will be a good start…."

6) "agreed. we all need to get involved. one person at a time."

7) "i like it the most." J. C. Khurana

8) "Agree and support your view, thank you for your effort."

9) "I am 100% agree with you and hope to see some activities to have
younger people to recognize and proud of their race."

10) "Thanks, SB. You always lead by your example. We will follow." Quan

11) "The wealthy Asians should contribute more money for the fight,
again, like the Jews, but few seem to be doing it even as we keep hearing
about lots of Asians getting rich and being rich. . . . "

12) "I agree with you that Asian American organizations often shy away
from hard fights and pat ourselves on the back on small achievements.
Discrimination against Asian Americans is still very obvious. One salient
feature is the emasculation of Asian American men. . . . . . " Bob

13) "Thanks. I am keeping this email as new so that I can read every time I
open the inbox. " Teddy

14) "We are organizing a conference here in Fresno with the SE Asian
community (Hmong, Lao, Khmer, Mien….) . . . " Dr. Toulu X. Thao

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share our knowledge, skills & leadership in the
service of our community?
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S. B. President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.