Monday, September 30, 2013

How Will History See This Generation of AsAms?

   How Will History See this Generation of Asian Ams? 
The following are irrefutable facts.

FACT-1: ON OUR WATCH, our children suffer the HIGHEST barrier in college admissions. Our adults face the LOWEST glass ceiling in workplaces.

FACT-2: Yet we are highly educated. As a result, we have the nation's highest per capita and per family income.

        Note that Fact-2 doesn't contradict Fact-1. Most American institutions pay employees according to their educational attainment. However, the same institutions will NOT provide equal opportunity to AsAm adults to rise to the top, nor our children to be admitted to elite colleges.

FACT-3: AsAm civil rights organizations are supposed to fight and protect us. But they couldn't get much financial support from their fellow AsAms. As a result, they went OUTSIDE of our community to get their needed financial support.

        Money talks! We let others' money talk to them. By and by, even our own civil rights orgs. don't pay attention to AsAms' rightful interests.

FACT-4: 80-20 wants to reverse this trend. Therefore, it is trying very, very hard to establish a Self Empowerment Long-term Fund (SELF) of $10 million/yr for 5 yrs. 80-20's Board is carefully evaluating its chance of success, including poll data, promises from the elite of our community to donate generously, . . . etc.

   In less than 3 weeks, 80-20's Board will decide.

   If the decision is to "GO FOR IT!", will the SELF project succeed? It'll depend on all of us, including YOU.

   History watches and beckons. How will history view us?

   Please forward this email to your AsAm friends. To post your comments, click here .

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Self-help & How US Sen. Carper has Helped

(A) SELF-HELP -- The Most Important!!!

   350+ Chinese-, Indian-, Japanese- & other Asian-Ams have answered 80-20's poll. The prospect of 80-20's sponsoring the Self Empowerment Long-term Fund (SELF) looks better and better. But 80-20's Board looks for 600 poll responses as the minimum indication that AsAms want 80-20's leadership on this matter.

   Please reply to the poll. Honest answers are all we ask.

   80-20'll be slaving to raise, within 2 years, at least $1 million/yr for 5 yrs., should it assume that leadership. Why? Money talks. When that amount of money is combined with 80-20's political know-how, our community will likely achieve

(1) Unity -- our Salvation, and then
(2) Equal opportunity.

   See the poll results thus far:
               A            b           c          d         e
Q1        302         33         16         2         3
Q2        196         64         21         4         2
Q3        166         79         69        14        13
Q4         50         57         142       61       52

   The answers to Q1 & Q2 indicate that AsAms are absolutely intellectually convinced that all families and individuals, rich or poor, need to annually donate to a self-empowerment fund.

   The answers to Q3 implies about half of the families will not only donate but also help 80-20 find another AsAm family to donate.

   Q4 is tricky. Your answers to Q4 brought tears to our eyes. It indicates that AsAms really trust 80-20. They seem to prefer having 80-20 keeping an eye on the money, rather than a completely independent Board. Unexpected feedback! Thanks for your trust. Donors will decide this matter when a set of Bylaws are to be adopted.

   So pitch in! Do your share. At least reply to 80-20's poll.

(B) Self Help Induces Others to Help Us

   (i) Click here to see a video tape of US Sen. Tom Carper, who is now the Chair of the powerful Senate Homeland Security Committee, reading 80-20's full-page public service ad in Washington Post into the Congressional Record! He urged his senate colleagues to help AsAms achieve EQUAL opportunity. He said, "If this is right (i.e. if the info on the ad is right), then it is WRONG!"

   (ii) Click here to see how we induced Pres. Obama to TRIPLE the number of AsAm life-tenured federal judges. In addition, the number of AsAm Appeal Court judges jumped from 0 to 4.

   (iii) Click here to see that our Supreme Court agrees completely with 80-20's amicus brief to the Supreme Court that there should be "race-neutral" college admissions, . . . .

   (iv) Click here to see how 80-20 calls on OCA and other AsAm civil rights orgs. not to sell our interests. They remained silent. 80-20 appreciates & respects that silence. Optimistically, it seems the beginning for them to vigorously defend AsAm interests again. With that, we achieve our glorious UNITY -- our SALVATION.

   Replied to 80-20's poll yet? If not, do it NOW!

S. B. Woo, a volunteer president, 80-20 Nat'l AsAm Educational Foundation


Monday, September 16, 2013

Part (III)- Nothing to lose, everything to gain

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:
    When you donate $100/yr for 5 years, you have NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

   Your money will be REFUNDED to you in FULL, if 80-20 fails to raise, within 2 years, the minimal EMPOWERING sum of $1 million/yr for 5 years.

   If that money is raised, then you'll get many times the worth of your $500 back, because a HISTORIC UNITY will likely be forged, and with that shall come EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for you & your children. The $100/yr donation to EF is tax deductible.

Q: What is 80-20 waiting for? Get the fundraising going!!!
A:    80-20 is only as strong as YOU are. We'll be sending out a huge poll TOMORROW. If you get it, please complete and return it.
        If the return % is low, it'll be a "NO GO." Think! If our folks are NOT willing to spend the 2.5 minutes to complete 80-20's poll, are they LIKELY to donate the $100/yr for 5 yrs?

Q: Is there a defining moment for 80-20 in making a decision?
A:    The defining moment is TOMORROW. Please answer our poll, giving honest answers.

                                       A REMINDER:
   On our watch, our children face the highest barriers in admissions to elite colleges. Our adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces. Sick of being passed over since childhood? EMPOWER ourselves?

                     80-20's Boards are considering
            The GREATEST Self-Empowerment Act in Our History.
 If you MISSED the earlier Parts I & II, click here for E-mails 118 & 119 .

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Educational Foundation

Monday, September 9, 2013

Part(II) Get our money to talk for us

                           80-20's Boards are considering 
      The GREATEST Self-Empowerment Act in AsAm History.
                   We'll Stand Tall, Once and for All!

        If you MISSED "The GREATEST AsAm Self-empowerment Act (I)",  click here and go to the bottom of the page. This is (II).

Q: Will you provide evidence that AsAms have the highest average per capita and per family income?
A: Please click here. The nation's % of families with annual income above $100,000 is 20%. For AsAms, it is 27% which accounts for more than 1 million such families.

Q: Mainstream media say Asian Ams are the "New Jews," because we are being discriminated like the Jews of 100 years ago. Are we learning from the Jewish Ams. on how to empower ourselves to fight discrimination?
A: Yes. The Jews used a combination of their financial strength and their political know-how to empower themselves. Look how successful they are.

     The Jewish Americans inspired 80-20 to start this Self-empowerment campaign - get OUR MONEY to TALK for us.

Q: How long will it take for you to get 1 in 10 of such AsAm families to each commit donating $100/yr for 5 years?
A: 2 years, we hope. If we fail, 80-20 will likely CLOSE SHOP at the end of 2016. We've done our best. It's time to let others try.

Q: We NEED 80-20.
A: Thank you. If 1 in 10 of such families will step forth, 80-20 will live. More significantly, we've finally COLLECTIVELY EMPOWERED ourselves.

Q: Who controls the money, before it reaches $10 million/yr for 5 years?
A: 80-20 will control, but not spend, the money UNTIL we have reached the minimal EMPOWERING sum of $1 million/yr for 5 yrs. At which point, an election will be held. The elected Board will control the money from there on.

Q: Sorry, I have to ask: "What happens to the money, if in 2 years, you fail to reach even the minimal goal of $1 million/yr ?"
A: Excellent question! The money will be refunded to donors in full!

Q: Can you show us the Bylaws governing the elected Board?
A: Soon, we are working on it. It'll be a while before we'll reach the $1 million/yr EMPOWERING point. Before then, when donations can still be refunded in full, we'll be submitting a set of draft Bylaws for donors to discuss, amend, and then approve.

Q: Will the names of donors be known?
A: Of course! Those 100,000 families will be the HEROES & HEROINES in the history of Asian Ams and should be recognized as such. The name, city and state of each donor will be displayed.

     Their commitment is heroic for 3 reasons:
     (1) It takes courage and faith to commit donating $100/yr for 5 years, when no such project has ever been tried before,
     (2) There is no guarantee that the fund will reach $10 million/yr. It takes courage and faith to belief in our collective cause, and to be 1 of the 10 in daring to be pioneers.
     (3) They will be the parents who ACT to help themselves and their children to stand tall, once and for all.

Q: Guts and vision! I wish you success. When will you start the campaign?
A: We are still assessing its likelihood to succeed. We'll be taking a big poll.

     If any of you receive an email poll, please participate. WE must find a way to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. 80-20's political know-how is not enough. We must ALSO find a way to let our money talk for us!

   FORWARD this e-newsletter to your friends. Post your comments on 80-20's Poster Board . We want to hear from you !

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The GREATEST AsAm Self-empowerment Act (I)

                           80-20's Boards are considering 
      The GREATEST Self-Empowerment Act in Our History.
                      I urge you to read it.    Please?     SB
Q: Mr. Woo, you have devoted decades of your life to empower Asian Ams in order to develop the necessary AsAm COLLECTIVE clout to achieve equal opportunity. Have you succeeded?  
A: With the help of tens of thousands of Asian Ams who gave generously of their time & money, we've had some success. Regretfully, 80-20's past approach had a serious flaw. The fault was strictly mine.
     80-20 will now gun after MUCH BIGGER SUCCESS.

Q: What is the serious flaw?
A: My political experience led me to emphasize developing Asian Am. COLLECTIVE clout through the political process. Its BIG flaw is insufficient account for the strengths & weaknesses of the AsAm people. Asian Ams, as a people, have way below average political maturity. On the other hand, we have the nation's top per capita and per family income!!!

Q: Does that imply that there is no discrimination against AsAms?
A: No. Since that is only a side topic for this discussion, the full answer is shown in Footnote 1 at the end.

Q: OK. So how do you plan to use our strength in high per family income?
A: Money talks, especially in America. 80-20 shall find a way to let our money talk for us, when securing our COLLECTIVE clout.

Q: A great vision. Can you fill in some details where the devil may be?
A: Gladly. There are at least 1 million Asian Am. families with a yearly income of $100,000 or more. If 1 in 10 of those can be persuaded to donate $100/yr, a puny amount for such families, for 5 yrs, it'll amount to a COMMUNITY FUND of $10 million/year for 5 years!!! This money shall be used to organize our AsAm national orgs. to form a cohesively COLLECTIVE voice, thereby finally giving us the needed COLLECTIVE clout.

     That UNITY, that power, plus 80-20's political know-how, will finally help our adults shatter the glass-ceiling above us in workplaces. It'll also help our youngsters to get rid of the highest barrier in college admissions without much delay.

Q: Who decides how to use that money to forge the UNITY?
A: An elected Board of 5 members, independent of 80-20, will use democratic means to decide how to apply the money.

Q: Who will get to nominate and vote for the 5 Board members?
A: All who donate the $100 to the COMMUNITY FUND that year.

Q: Wow, wow, wow!!! Is 80-20 going to run this exciting and seemingly doable campaign?
A: We are not as sure as you are about its chance of success. 80-20 is going to do an extensive poll first to assess. We'll consult widely. Finally, we do believe that "Money Talks. We Should Get Our Money to Talk for us." This could be the Greatest Self-Empowerment Act in AsAm History."

   FORWARD this e-newsletter to your friends. Post your comments on 80-20's Poster Board . We WANT to hear your view on this self-empowerment idea.

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

Tien (Steve) Hsia, Davis, CA, a Life Member, who further commits to
                      donate $100/month to 80-20 PAC. That is $1,200 per year!
Marisa Chuang-Ming, Berkeley, CA:            $2,000
Youxue Zhang, Detroit, MI:            $500

Footnote 1: Does high per family income imply no discrimination? Our highest average per family income is due mostly to our having, by far, the highest educational attainment. See the chart below. To see the close correlation between degree and income, see a Huffington Post article. To illustrate discrimination against us, a Nat'l Science Foundation report showed that even AsAms born in the US (i.e. no language barrier) are paid about 5% less than other Americans with comparable educational background & work experience.

Note: The AsAm race has the shortest black bar (high school degree), because most of our high school graduates go on to pursue higher degrees. So the % of our population with a high school diploma ONLY is small.