Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ivy Schools set an Asian Am. quota

                                  17% +/- 2% but "Not a Quota"?
Dear Fellow Asian Americans and Friends,

   When it looks like a DUCK, swims like a DUCK, and quacks like a DUCK, it is a DUCK!

  Ron Unz's summary on an "AsAm Quota" and his much longer "meritocracy" article generated ferocious debates from all sides regarding race-conscious college admissions, yet conspicuously missing is any challenge to his key finding that all Ivy Leagues converge to a 17% +/- 2% AsAm "quota" despite strong demographic and academic performance trends otherwise. In the absence of contradicting data, such a convergence is not explainable other than suggesting A HIDDEN QUOTA.

   When will the civil right community, including many of the AsAm organizations, seriously evaluate this data convergence and benchmark it against the basic American value of fairness? Since when does the high ideal of "Equal Opportunity" become synonymous to "Equal Outcome"?

   Just insisting there is "no AsAm quota" is of no merit unless backed by data. Such a claim also has a bad track record: No university ever admitted to having a Jewish quota during 1920-1950, even though it is now an universally accepted fact. Authored by: A Guest Writer

   FORWARD this e-newsletter to all Asian Am Ivy students. Ask them to spread these FACTUAL INFO all over their campuses. When the people with power e.g. Ivy administrators are DISCRIMINATING AGAINST US BY LYING AND PRACTICING ILLEGAL POLICIES (quota is illegal), RIDICULE THEM !!

   Ron Unz's summary on an "AsAm Quota" was published by The National Review. It was cited by SCOTUSblog (Supreme court of the US blog) which may hopefully have an impact on the Supreme Court decision. The article also summarized S. B. Woo's piece in NY Times' Room for Debate.

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S. B. Woo, President, a volunteer
80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation