Monday, November 30, 2020

Create our OWN World-Class Political Org.


Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

       AsAms are by far the weakest of minorities in the USA.  We, especially the Chinese Americans, are in the most dangerous political spot.  Therefore,
we must establish our OWN WORLD-CLASS POLITICAL ORG., that has the guts to fight and the political know-how to win.
       Has 80-20 Initiative disappointed you?  We work very hard.  With our very limited human and financial resources, our service is second to none. 

     Here are 2 recent examples.  

(1) When Trump used the term "Chinese virus," the next day on 3/23, 80-20 issued a e-newsletter entitled "Demand Apology or Reject Trump". When he didn't apologize, 80-20 kicked off the "Dump Trump" campaign. When we started, few believed Trump could be dumped. Result? We dumped Trump, although we didn't do it alone. Benefits of dumping Trump? It will be easier for ALL persons of Chinese descent to live in the U.S.A. 

(2) When the huge number of elected AsAm officials in CA failed to defend our youngsters' equal opportunity for college admissions, 80-20 led from afar. Result? We defeated CA's Prop 16 by a landslide - 57% vs 43%, although, again, we didn't do it alone. 

    In both cases, 80-20 was the ONE & ONLY AsAm national organization to speak out and fight for your rights& honor.  Are you proud of us?  Are you willing to help a little?

The ONE and ONLY Shall Wither & Die! 

    In an honest self-analysis, 80-20's Board members came unanimously to a very sad conclusion.   That is, unless 80-20 can greatly expand its financial and human resourcesIT SHALL SLOWLY DIE when the old war horses like Alice Huang, Henry Lee and S. B. Woo will fade away. Our younger colleagues like Wei-jing Zhu, Jing-Li Yu and Elaine Su, with full-time jobs and duties, are not yet ready to carry the torch fully.  80-20 shall slowly burn through its current assets of about $4 million, and SLOWLY DIE

Is 80-20 Incompetent? 
     No. We are very competent. We are also fanatically dedicated to you and your children.  I have worked free for our community, day and night, on weekends and holidays, in sickness and in health for 22 years. But it is unrealistic to expect young and talented professional people nowadays, with families, to work for 80-20 like me without pay

How Did the Jewish Establish Their Political clout? 
     AsAms have always admired the Jewish political clout.   Let’s see how they do it? 

      There are only 7 million Jewish Americans.  Even the smallest of its “big 5“ community orgs, Simon Wiesenthal Center, has an annual budget of $26.2M.  The other four, ordered by the size of their annual budget, are American Jewish Committee ($46.2M), Jewish Federations of North America ($49.2M), American Israel Public Affairs Comm. ($69.3M), and Anti-Defamation League ($70.8M). 

     In contrast, 80-20 has an annual budget of $0.25 million. :-(

Please Do Your Share To Protect YOUR Children! 

    On our watch, AsAm kids face the tallest barrier in college admissions. AsAm adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces. We may be proud to have worked twice as hard to get to where we are today, we should be ashamed to leave that as a legacy to our children.
     That is why I urge you to dig deeply into your pocket and donate generously by clicking on DONATE. If the amount is larger than $500, please send a check to save Paypal fees. Make it payable to 80-20 EF SELF & post it to: S. B. Woo, 939 Beach Dr., N.E., Apt. 910, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

       When 80-20's annual budget triples to $0.75 million per year, we can hire an Executive Director at $150,000 per year and a couple of other good people. The dividends from our investment shall make 80-20 self-perpetuating

       We, Board members of 80-20 Initiative, never ask you to sacrifice without doing at least as much. Three of the 6 Board members each pledged $10,000 per year for 5 years for this campaign. Others also did their best. To verify, click here. Since we started this campaign 2 weeks ago, we've already raised $350,000 over a 5-years period. although that is less than 1/10 of the $5 million that we need to raise.

   Do you know any super rich AsAms? Tell them about 80-20 and ask them to be the first AsAms to give more than $3 million to an AsAm org. Charity Begins at home.    
    I am 83. I may at best have 2 to 3 years left to train the staff & set up a world-class political organization of our own for our children to enjoy. 
     History watches and beckons.   Have we done well for our children on our watch? Your name will be prominently displayed for your contribution.  Click here to see examples. DONATE TODAY! It's not for 80-20. It's for you and your kids.

Click here to post.

In Solidarity,

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledges all donors, including Katy Woo of St. Petersburg, FL who donated $5,000/yr for 5 years.