Monday, May 23, 2016

Decide. Do You Want a Powerful AsAm Political Voice?

Time to Make up Your Mind
   June 7, the date of the critical CA Democratic Primary, is coming soon.  If you want a powerful AsAm political voice, and if that is your priority, then forget

  1. Whether you like Hillary or Bernie better, and 
  2. Whether we are a D or R or NPP (no party preference, earlier known as Independents).

   Please get behind 80-20 and urge all AsAms you know to vote for Hillary on 6/7. Help produce a resounding victory for Hillary that will be verified by the exit polls.

What is A Powerful Political Weapon?

   A powerful political weapon is one with the ability to affect the outcome of an important election.  An example is the CA Democratic primary, where 475 delegates are involved.  It is 20% of what is needed to win the Dem. nomination.

   80-20 has induced Hillary to give us satisfactory promises in writing. Sanders said no.  

80-20 Empties Its War Chest

   To ensure the successful creation of that tool on 6/7 for our children, 80-20 has bought ads in the Chinese-, Indian-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-American communities to urge voters to support for Hillary. They include radio & newspaper ads, including some on the front page of the largest ethnic papers.  

   The main theme of all the ads, shown below in English, is the same. 

How Do We Establish Our Political Clout?
  Hillary made promises** to us in writing.  Let's give her our bloc vote to reward her.

  Sanders was not willing to give us promises.  So let's defeat him to punish him.

When we use our voting power to reward and punish appropriately, 
political parties will compete to serve our rightful interest 
in order to win our bloc vote.

   To see a similar ad in Chinese, click here.  Similar ads in Vietnamese and Korean are being produced.

   A large turn-out of AsAm Independents/NPP on June 7th is a must.  All you need to do is verbally ask for a Democratic ballot for president on 6/7 at your own polling station.  If you vote absentee, please make a special request to your county election office to ask for a democratic party ballot by the deadline of May 31.

Forward this to your friends in CA.  Many of you have promised to do this. :-)

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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PS:  We salute these role models:  
Two great supporters, Feiyun Zhang and Jonathan Fong of CA, wrote 80-20 and said that they've switched their respective registration from Republican to Independent in order to vote in the Dem. primary.  One of them declared that "in the general election, I'll not vote for a Dem."  Fine. Voting for Hillary on 6/7 is all we ask you to do. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

To AsAms Everywhere, Particularly Those in CA

To All AsAms: we look to those in CA

Dear Asian Americans:

   Why do you suppose so many noble souls donated huge sums of money and 18 years of their lives working for you?  To get a reply from Hillary Clinton to 80-20's questionnaire, satisfactory but far from perfect?  

   NO, NO WAY!  80-20 plans for much larger gains and much longer term interests than that.

   Those noble souls realize that AsAms, the smallest minority, must have a powerful tool to protect ourselves in the "free-market" political arena of the U.S.A.   This tool must be able to "reward or punish" politicians - reward those who share our rightful concerns and punish those who don't.

   That tool is the Democratic Open Primary of CA on June 7th.  Why?

1) CA has by far the greatest number of delegates (about 25% of the total required to become the Democratic Party’s nominee) and the greatest number of electoral college votes (10% of the total required to be elected the President).

2) AsAms have an 8% share of CA's vote - by far the largest AsAm share in the 50 states.

3) CA has a Democratic primary that is open to Declines/Independents.  And AsAms are twice as likely to register as Independents/Declines, thereby greatly enhancing our voting share in that primary.

4) Only 1/3 to 1/2 of the voters in a general election will vote in a primary.  So IF all AsAm Dems and Independents come out to vote, we'll double or triple our voting share.

5) Of the remainder of the voters, half will vote for Clinton and half for Sanders.  Hence if AsAms, under 80-20's leadership, cast a bloc vote for Clinton ONLY, our voting power will double again.   Imagine that!   

   That is why AsAms, though small in number, can be KINGMAKERS in the coming June 7th election.

   NOTE:  A party’s primary system can be CHANGED for the next election. Now that our strategy has been openly discussed, some anti-AsAm politicians may want to change the rules for the 2020 election.   SO HURRY.   Seize the moment.

   Let's seize the 2016 primary to ESTABLISH a precedent.   Whatever new system anti-AsAm politicians decide to erect in the future, if we have the same kind of UNITY and political know-how, we'll find a powerful tool to "reward and punish" in order to safeguard our rightful concerns.  We shall overcome. 

   AsAms in CA:  We yearn for your help to give all of us this tool.

                                               Good News

   CBS will be airing a story about Sherry Chen and Prof. Xiaoxing Xi on 60 minutes on SundayMay 15, 2016, 7 PM ET/PT.  80-20, together with a number of other organizations e.g., New Asian Leaders and individuals, particularly Pete Zeidenberg Esq., the lawyer who successfully defended Sherry Chen and Prof. Xiaoxing Xi, have encouraged the development of this program. 

   Forward this e-newsletter to ALL your AsAm friends.  Many of you have already promised to do this.  :-)

 S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

VICTORY! A win-win deal DONE.

A Win-Win Deal

80-20 seized the "golden opportunity" for YOUR CHILDREN

   YOU WON.  80-20 is proud to have seized the golden opportunity for you by working with Secretary Clinton, the certain next presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, and likely our next president. 

   The Board of 80-20 unanimously found Secretary Clinton's latest reply to 80-20's questionnaire satisfactory.  Therefore, it has unanimously endorsed Clinton for the rest of the primary season, including the all-important CA Democratic open primary on June 7th.      

Politics Is Deal-making

   Frankly, one of her answers was not satisfactory.  But some of her answers broke new frontiers for AsAms.  This is an unanticipated advantage based on accepting "answers with elaboration" instead of "yes and no" answers. For example, 80-20 has induced other presidential candidates to promise to appoint cabinet officials and federal judges in the past.  However, none has ever promised to give us INPUT in such appointments.  Hillary has promised to give us INPUT in two of her extended answers -- a huge advancement for us.  

   Hillary has NOT answered "yes or no" to any other questionnaires in this election.  We verified it on the web.  To see it for yourself, click here.  

   Note that Sanders wants our votes, but is NOT willing to help us win EQUAL opportunity. He and Clinton have both answered 5 questionnaires. When it came to the one for Asian Americans, ONLY Clinton has answered. We need to teach Sanders, and all politicians like Sanders, a lesson on June 7th in CA.  

A Win-Win Situation                            
   Click here to see 80-20's 7 questions.  All answers are quite long.  For your convenience, we have provided you with (a) important excerpts from her answers, all emphasis added, and (b) the consensus rating by 80-20's Board on how she has answered each question. Key for the consensus rating: (S) is satisfactory, (U) is unsatisfactory, and (PS) is partially satisfactory.   

Q1: (S)  ". . .  I will vigorously enforce Executive Order 11246  . . . " 

Q2: (S)  ".... From special assistants to cabinet members, Asian Americans will play a key role in helping to shape my policy priorities and be effectively represented in our agencies. I look forward to working with AAPI leaders, including from 80-20, to identify future AAPI federal employees and build the next generation of Asian-American leaders.

       She gave the same first sentence to the Hispanic leaders.  Click here to see the jubilant reaction of the Hispanic community.  The second sentence, added in her latest reply, is even better.  History has taught us that having AsAm appointees is not necessarily a blessing.  Our community needs AsAms in high positions who have stayed close with our community and have the desire to help us reach EQUAL opportunity. We now have an avenue for input into future appointments.

Q3: (S)  ".... as President, I would make nominations that are just as diverse, thoughtful and talented, including considering qualified Asian Americans."

Q4: (PS)  "Disaggregated data can show where some students may face greater challenges than what the overall data may suggest."

        To learn that AsAm applicants to IVY League schools must yield about 140 points to white applicants, 270 to Hispanics, and 450 to blacks requires disaggregated data, which in the past was only available through private research e.g. by Princeton sociologist Prof. Thomas Espenshade.  We may now inform the Dept. of Education what type of disaggregated data we need.

Q5: (U)  

          Sen. Clinton didn't answer our question at all, perhaps due to worrying over offending other minorities whose votes she MUST have during the general election. We disagree with her.  But we understand her needs.  80-20 understands the real world.

Q6: (S)  " ... As President, I will continue to engage Asian American leaders throughout my term, including from 80-20, to hear their ideas and concerns and update them on the efforts I have undertaken so that every Asian American can achieve his or her potential. "

Q7: (S)  " ...  While it is critical that we continue to keep our country secure and protect our trade secrets, we cannot do so at the expense of our civil liberties."  

          The above answer is satisfactory, although 80-20's belief is that the profiling of Asian/Chinese-Ams in national security matters may no longer be an issue. The new rule pronounced by DOJ in a front page NY Times article might have made Q7 obsolete.   80-20 has a copy of the new rule.   We discussed it with many reporters and experts in national security matters to find the new rule satisfactory.

   Click here to see Secretary Clinton's complete answers.  Note that these are promises in writing, not just spoken words which are NOT enforceable. 
Forward this e-newsletter to every AsAm in CA.

   Let's show both Hillary and Bernie how effectively AsAms can help or defeat their respective causes. When we do that, our children's future will be bright.

   Who but 80-20 will fight for you as hard and as effectively?            

 S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Important Update On Hillary's Reply

Our Golden Opportunity – Presidential Elections

A Very Important Update On Hillary's Reply

   Last Saturday, 80-20 PAC's Board met to discuss the first reply from Hillary Clinton's campaign.  We've since been in touch with the campaign, and having a friendly and productive conversation.  PAC's Board will meet again tonight to discuss an edited version of her reply.

Interesting Facts Regarding Clinton vs Sanders

   (1) Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders have both answered previously to questionnaires from the same 5 organizations.  They are from HIV/AIDS*, AFT(C vs S), a conglomerate of organizations focused on disabled persons. (C vs. S), Democrats  Abroad, and Hispanic Leaders .
   Sec. Clinton has answered one more, which is 80-20's questionnaire.  Why has Sen. Sanders chosen not to answer 80-20, while answering 5 others?  Upon receiving Sec. Clinton's reply, we immediately informed the Sanders' campaign of that fact.  Thus far, we've NOT heard back.

   (2) Sen.Sanders has answered "yes & no" type of questionnaires. Click here to see his answer to HIV's questionnaire.  Sec. Clinton is not answering "yes or no” questionnaires this year.  Click here to see her answers to HIV. It would have taken no time at all for Sanders to check 7 yeses, sign his name and mail it back to us.  Why has Sanders treated us so differently?

Shall Update You & Spread the Word About June 7th Primary

   I'll update you regarding the result of tonight's Board meeting.  Remember the June 7th Democratic OPEN primary, when Declines/Independents can vote.  When we can prove that our community is the CRITICAL minority to change the outcome of an important election like the CA primary, our children's future becomes a lot brighter.    

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

Go down the page a bit to see 6 pictures.  Verify for yourself that Republican
   candidates, despite their avowed statement to change, still do not answer
   questionnaires.  :-(

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