Friday, June 15, 2007

Political Secrets II: We Are the Kingmakers in Calif. Presidential Primary.

No one who has read "Political Secrets I" can fail to be impressed
with the power of a bloc vote. To review the earlier email, visit Here's
a bigger secret - the ABSOLUTE power of our bloc vote in the 2008
presidential primaries in California, and lesser power in a few other states.

The difference between a GENERAL and a PRIMARY Election:

The PRESIDENT is chosen by ALL voters in the GENERAL
election. ONLY the party NOMINEEs are chosen in separate party
PRIMARIES. In some states, only party members (those registered as R or
D) may vote in respective party primaries. In other states, (Calif. , New
Hampshire, W. Virginia, …, etc.) Independents may ALSO vote in a primary
by simply asking for a ballot. (Calif. refers to Independents as Declines.)

Why do AsAms have more voting clout in a primary?

Reasons are: a) in a primary election, there are many more candidates
competing for our votes (11 Republicans and 8 Democrats so far). b), the
number of voters is normally halved, because non-activists don't bother to
vote in primaries. c), the number of AsAm voters will actually double,
because in many states including Calif., at least the Democratic
Party allows "Independents" to vote in its party primary. Another secret:
while only 25% of the voter are Independents nationally, it is 43% for
AsAms. We also register 33% as D and 25% as R. 80-20 will use its emails
to drive all AsAms Independents to go vote for its endorsed candidate in
states where Ind. may vote in primaries, particularly in Calif.

Summary: In a primary, the number of other voters will be halved
and are spread among many candidates. Our number of voters will
double and they'll bloc vote for the candidate endorsed by 80-20.
With your help, we SHALL be the kingmakers in presidential PRIMARIES. If
80-20 endorses one of the two top candidates in the Democratic primary
in CA, that candidate will win! Stop. Period.

Do other minorities have this kind of voting clout in a primary?

No, although Hispanics have a larger population. The others don't have
the email list to reach and persuade their voters in primaries when the
choice is large and the attention span of voters is short. 80-20, using emails,
can reach at least 50% of AsAm registered voters again and again.

Who will Benefit?

This power is NOT used for 80-20. YOU & YOUR CHILDREN will benefit.
America will be "a more perfect Union." We want only equal opportunity.

Help 80-20 back:

Was this email informative? Have you questions? Post your feedback at and pass
this SECRET about our ability to become kingmakers in presidential
PRIMARIES to your friends and relatives! Tell them that unity is power.
Tell them to vote for 80-20's endorsed candidate. Unite! A historic
opportunity is at hand.

In Secrets III, we'll tell you how 80-20 uses this voting clout to horse-trade
with presidential candidates for equal opportunity for ALL Asian Ams.
Forward this email. Thank you.

S. B. Woo,
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.