Friday, August 28, 2015

Updates: presidential election & college admissions

The $4 million war chest could VANISH on Oct. 25

                       Regarding the 2016 Presidential Election

     A few days ago, MSNBC requested 80-20's recommendation of AsAms as possible audience members for the presidential debates of both parties and afterwards join "focus group" discussions regarding the performance of the candidates. All expenses including travel will be paid by MSNBC.

     Nine persons volunteered.  All were recommended.  In addition, 80-20 recommended 10 great supporters.  

     To the 19 recommended:  If you were selected, please share the political knowledge you will have gained from your participation.  Please pay forward and pay backward.   Together, we shall overcome.  

                                   On College Admissions

     The following response to a NY Times article seems most apropos.   It was submitted by Dr. Hong-Yee Chiu, a friend.  Enjoy reading it and pass it on.

     "The studies described in " Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Finds" (Aug.17, 2015) contained a hidden bias. College admission policies have reduced the standards for admissions for minorities (i.e. blacks and Hispanics). The studies assumed that all college graduates are equal. They are not.  After graduation, those who were admitted with the higher academic standards tend to outperform those who were admitted with the lesser standards. The performance in jobs determines the wealth level. I believe, if the studies also include this factor, the researchers will find that minorities (admitted under the same high standards) will perform just as well as the whites and Asians. It is the same as athlete selection. If the selection of athletes uses the same philosophy as college admissions, then the results are obvious - those who were given special favors in the selection process will have inferior performance. It is not the race factor. It is the college admission policies that cause the difference." (Emphasis added by S. B. Woo)

           A $4.1 million War Chest could Vanish,

     if YOU don't do your share.  If SELF doesn't reach the $1 million/yr for 5 yrs goal i.e. $5 million raised in total over 5 yrs in another 59 days, all donations will  be refunded in full upon request.  The deadline is Oct 25.  The clock is ticking.

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