Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are Gov. Officials Our Parents or Servants?‏

Believe it or not, in America
Therefore, we, the citizens, have the right to "hire or fire" them. That is what our elections are mainly about.

However, many Asian Americans subconsciously think of
government officials as their parents,
owing to the Confucian philosophy that is popular in East Asia. Confucius' humanitarian views are very wise, but he didn't know about democracy, American style. That part of the Confucian ethnic has caused our community great political harm.

Want to check out our conjecture? Take the following fun quiz.

A FUN QUIZ: Does your "average" Asian Am. friend

1) ask for accountability from government officials?
2) ask for deeds instead of sweet words from government officials?
3) highly value a photo with a high ranking government official?
4) buy tickets to a fundraiser for an official, simply because a friend is pushing tickets, without asking for that official's record of service to our community?
5) get somewhat turned off by 80-20 which advocates to "reward or punish" government officials?
6 ) think it may be illegal for 80-20 to advocate a bloc vote against an official or a presidential candidate?

If your answer are
1) No,
2) No,
3) Yes,
4) Yes,
5) Yes, and
6) Yes,
think how ridiculous your "average" Asian Am. friend's behavioral pattern actually is when you replace the words "government officials" in the above 6 questions with "public servants?"

Remember please: GOVERNENT OFFICIALS ARE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS. We ask for deeds and accountability from them. We need to apply "carrots and sticks" to induce them to perform.

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Best regards,
S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

PS Sen. McCain is traveling across the nation to reach out to what he described as the "forgotten people." At the same time, 80-20 has mounted a HUGE effort to reach out to Sen. McCain regarding the grievance faced by Asian Ams. as stated in 80-20's questionnaire. We shall keep you posted, whether Sen. McCain responds positively.