Monday, April 12, 2021

Big Progress Under 80-20 Leadership

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(1) College Admissions
      Look at the progress!
      Harvard Gazette: "The Class of 2025 reflects the increasing diversity of the College’s applicants, with 18 percent identifying as African American/Black, 27.2 percent as Asian American, 13.3 percent as Latinx, 1.2 percent as Native American, and 0.6 percent as Native Hawaiian. Women account for more than half, 52.9 percent, of all those accepted to the class.” (emphasis added).
     10 years ago, when 80-20 first spoke up, Harvard admitted 17.8% Asian-Americans. To verify click here, and scroll down to Harvard Univ., 3rd paragraph. Our collective effort has increased Harvard's admission rate of AsAms by 53%AsAm liberals should feel ashamed and wake up. They were defending Harvard even when Harvard was admitting just 17.8% AsAm students. Reject those AsAm liberals who betray our Children's equal opportunity in education.

    We didn't do it alone. Ed Blum, who leads SFFA to sue Harvard in courts, deserves our thanks. 80-20 EF annually contributes $10,000.00 to SFFA and is in close contact with Blum. When 80-20 doesn't have the resources to fight Harvard on its own, 80-20 seeks out great allies to do it together for YOU.

(2) Political Cohesiveness

      49 80-20 supporters, not 16, each donated $80.20 to Sen. Duckworth, as was verified by Duckworth's campaign. So many of YOU responded to 80-20's appeal! That is political cohesiveness.
      In addition, 80-20 Empowerment PAC donated $8,020.00. Together, we thank Duckworth for inducing Pres. Biden to "appoint a senior level AAPI liaison at the White House who will ensure the community’s voice is further represented and heard.”
      But, but, but!!! 2/3 of those 49 donors forgot 80-20's request to tell 80-20 after their donations had been madeFor 80-20 to serve YOU well, we must know the amount of our possible influence - the influence of having delivered 16 donors OR that of having delivered 49The latter is 3 times bigger!!! 

    We still need to WORK ON our political cohesiveness to maximize our
political clout.

(3) SELF-Help! SELF-Empowerment !

      Everything begins with SELF-empowerment! 
      Here is a good example. Hate crimes against AsAms usually occur where there are a lot of nearby AsAms. Hence, if EVERY Asian will ALWAYS take the following smart step to stop hate crimes against his/her fellow AsAms, hate crimes will be stopped.

      What you need to do is very simple. If the hate crime you are witnessing is occurring at a crowded place like the subway or a busy street, you yell "STOP!" or "Call the police!" and encourage people near you to do the same.

       80-20's $200,000 grant to seed Community Watch Teams in AsAm ethnic communities - another measure of SELF-Help - is still available. To apply, click here and go to section [B].

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Monday, April 5, 2021

Pres. Biden Helping AsAms to Turn Things Around?


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Irrefutable Facts 
Please note from the above table that
  1) whenever 80-20 endorses with reservationthe advantage to the endorsed presidential candidate, seen on the extreme right column, would decrease. They occurred in 2004 and 2016. and
  2) the maximum advantage to the endorsed candidate reached 47 points in 2012 for Obama!
     In 2020, Biden Lost 1 million AsAm Votes & Won 3 states barely! He could do much better 
     In 2020, Biden didn’t answer 80-20’s questionnaire. Hence, as much as 80-20 opposed Trump's candidacy for his use of “Chinese virus”, “China virus” and “Kung Flu”, 80-20 didn’t endorse Biden.
Result? AsAms' vote for Biden was only 61% to 34%, according to a NY Times exit poll. Biden’s winning margin from AsAms was only (61-34)% = 27 points. That is 20 pts less than Obama. 20 pts less is a decrease of 1.04 million AsAm votes in the winning margin for Biden, because about 5.2 million AsAms voted in 2020.  
    Biden won GA, AZ and WI by 0.2%, 0.3% & 0.7% respectively. Had he done as well with AsAms as Obama, he would have won GA, AZ and WI by 1.1%, 1.0% & 1.3% respectively.       
Why Didn’t Biden Do As Well with AsAms in 2020?  
   Two reasons. 
(1) Biden didn't answer 80-20’s questionnaire. Hence, 80-20 did NOT endorse Biden. 80-20’s ability to persuade AsAms to vote for those candidates who care for our rightful concerns is irrefutable, as the table at the top of the page has shown. For those who don't believe in my statement, click here to visit 80-20's e-newsletter Poster Boards. Week after week, readers of 80-20's e-newsletters would not only donate significant $$$ but also thank 80-20 for its service and dedication to AsAms. 
(2) Most AsAms are opposed to "race preference college admissions", which AsAm Democratic politicians support fervently. So a fraction of AsAm voters who would normally vote for Biden went for Trump to register their unhappiness with the Dem. Party. To illustrate, every AsAm Dem. politician & organization supported CA Prop. 16, which would revert CA's college admissions to "race preference", but Prop 16 was defeated by a landslide in as Democratic a state as CA. Dems need to wake up!

Recent Extraordinary Efforts By Pres. Biden to Help AsAms 

(A) Since being elected, Pres. Biden has made superb efforts to emphasize that Asian Americans are an integral part of America, including 

(1) Presidential Memo (1/26/21) "condemning ..xenophobia ..against AsAms
       Happy Lunar New Year for the AsAm community & condemning racism.
      He specifically stated: "Vicious hate crimes against Asian Americans,...
      — our fellow Americans .....",
     with AsAm  leaders to denounce anti-AAPI violence , and 
(5) Another Executive Order (3/30/21) proposing 4 specific actions, which 
       included the appropriation of $49.5 million from the American Rescue 
      Plan for AAPI survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

80-20 believes Biden's superb efforts, shown above, will put a STOP to the “perpetual foreigners plight of AsAms". As a result, AsAms, including Ch-Ams are NOW much less likely to be interned, even assuming an armed conflict were to arise between the US and China. Needless to day, we ourselves must strive to refute that image.

(B) Biden will appoint a senior level AAPI liaison at the White House “who will ensure the community’s voice is further represented and heard," owing to the political courage of Senators Duckworth* (IL) and Hinoro (HI). However, 80-20 warns that whether such an office will help our community depends on the quality of the appointee. He/she must be a person who has the political courage of going to bat for AAPI's rightful concerns.

    Is Pres. Biden really helping AsAms to turn things around? We hope so!

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

* Sixteen 80-20 supporters have donated $80.20 to Sen. Duckworth including one who donated for 5 months. 80-20 PAC shall donate $8,020.00. 80-20 also wrote Sen. Hinoro to pledge similar support when she runs.