Monday, July 30, 2012

Easy to do and Great for our children - stay UNDECIDED

  Every presidential election is a golden opportunity for us & our children to get a step closer to becoming equal citizens of the USA.
   How? Induce or squeeze each presidential candidate to help us achieve that goal in exchange for our support. :-)
   Pls. Explain! Stay "UNDECIDED" until we know which presidential candidate will help us more. We'll help that candidate back with our BLOC vote. The closer the election, the more they'll value our BLOC vote.
   An Example? In 2008, candidate Obama answered in writing with 6 "yeses" to 80-20's 6 questions, and signed the questionnaire. Pls. see his 2008 answer to S. B. Woo:

   Were the promises of candidate Obama fulfilled? Mostly!
   What did Obama do regarding 80-20's questions 4 to 6? The number of federal life-tenured Asian Am. judges more than doubled since Pres. Obama took office, with two in the higher Appeals Courts, as compared with none, before Pres. Obama came in. See
   What did Obama do regarding 80-20's questions 1 to 3? The US Labor Department promised in writing to enforce a workplace protection law (Exec. Order 11246) for Asian Ams together with all other minorities. In comparison, the Bush Administration under then Labor Sec. Elaine Chao, refused to do so. 80-20 has begun to see positive results in the enforcement of EO11246. However, we didn't get the meeting with Pres. Obama to review results, as promised.
   What shall I do to be a part of this great strategy? Remain or become UNDECIDED until 80-20 PAC has endorsed a candidate after negotiating with both campaigns. This is where 80-20 PAC shines -- getting the UNEQUIVOCAL promise from a candidate & supporting him greatly in the battleground states! [Note: 80-20 EF doesn't endorse. It only provides political education.]
  Please forward this email to ALL your Asian Am friends. Urge them to become UNDECIDED, especially when polled. Tell all AsAms that sweet words mean nothing after a candidate becomes the President! The promises have to be unequivocal, in writing, and signed. Even then Pres. Obama didn't fulfill all of his written explicit promises. A lesson for ALL!
   Will 80-20 be able to get our children a step closer to becoming equal citizens in 2012? That depends on YOU! Your support is what counts. 80-20 is YOUR effective instrument. YOU need to use it.
  Becoming UNDECIDED is easy to do, and it will yield huge benefits for our children!!!
   Reply to me with "I so pledge!" if you like. Many thanks.

Your Devoted Servant,
S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation
PS: 80-20 gratefully acknowledges the generous contribution of
Mitchell & Priscilla Lou Charitable Fund, PA: $2,000

Monday, July 23, 2012

4 Reasons 80-20 EF Is Against Race-conscious Admission

   80-20 EF has 4 MAJOR REASONS to OPPOSE race-conscious college admission. The reasons are all objective, factual and revealed AFTER the Supreme Court's last decision on college admission.
   You need to know these reasons to decide whether you want to act strongly to persuade those Asian Am orgs. which SUPPORT race-conscious admission. Unless you do more, they will file to support such admission claiming to represent the Asian Am community, thereby weakening 80-20's amicus brief. Our children may not win equal opportunity for another decade & more owing to the negative power of these orgs.

   80-20's 4 reasons are:

(1) Race Conscious Admission Is "Counterproductive"
   A 2005 report by a UCLA law professor revealed "Academic Mismatch." A subsequent 2011 statistical study by two Duke Univ. profs & a graduate student suggests that the result of such admission "is counterproductive" to black and HIspanics students In STEM fields and law schools.
   Reason? Professors teach to the medium level students. When students admitted under strong racial preference can't keep up in tough courses, they switch out of their chosen majors by a hugely disproportional %.

(2) Race Conscious Admission Discriminates Against AsAms
   A 2009 statistical study by Princeton sociologist Thoma Espenshade finds:
      "Asian Americans need to score 140 points more than whites,
      270 more than Hispanics and 450 more than African Ams
      on the math and reading sections of the SAT to be equally
      competitive in private college admissions."
   Why? Why are Asian Americans required to score higher than whites in an affirmative action program? Asian Ams have been on the receiving end of "historic wrongs," probably more so than the Hispanics!

(3) The New Supreme Court May Knock Down Race Conscious Admission
   A 5 to 4 vote decided the Michigan case, with O'Connor voting for the race-conscious admission. O'Connor has been replaced by Alito who is against a race-conscious admission.

(4) 98% of the Asian Ams Support a Race NEUTRAL Policy
   An open and neutral survey earlier this year, participated by 47,000+ Asian Ams, showed an overwhelming desire of our community to stop this outrageous discrimination against us.

   The two major AsAm orgs. which support race conscious admission are:
1) AALDEF, whose Exec. Director is Margarent Fung ( ), &
2) APACL, whose president is Stewart Kwoh ( 5355 ).

   NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! Seize the moment or WAIT another decade or more.

   Post your comments on .

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is AALDEF a responsible organization?

            Diametrically Opposite Claims Made by 2 AsAm Orgs.
   On 6/26/2012, AALDEF, whose Exec. Director is Margaret Fung ( ), issued a press release*. Its title is "The Majority of Asian Americans Support Race-Conscious Admissions Policies." Wow, what a claim! AALDEF also claimed that 80-20's survey was flawed.
   A few Months ago, 80-20 EF, whose President is S. B. Woo, did an open and neutral survey. It found that for every 1 AsAm who chose to OPPOSE, 52 AsAms chose to be FOR a race-neutral college admission policy.
            You be the judge: Which Organization Is Wrong or Lying!
   80-20 kept a record of the 57,000+ survey participants. The records below show their names/cities/states/zip codes and their respective choices -- "for" or "Against" a race neutral admission policy. See below:
   AALDEF backed its claim by citing two exit polls with unknown participants. Their sample sizes are estimated by 80-20 to be less than 250 each. It falsely claimed that support for affirmative action is equivalent to support for race-conscious admission, which is actually an ANTI-affirmative Act. Race-conscious admission has resulted in requiring AsAm students to score 140 SAT pts. higher than white students in order to have equal chance to enter elite colleges.
   Margaret Fung has the right to say that she supports such a policy. However, does she have the right to claim that a majority of our community agrees with her?
   This Dispute, Affecting Fate of AsAm Students, Can Be EASILY Settled!
   80-20 CHALLENGES AALDEF to do a survey of all Asian Americans together.
     We'll each pay half the cost for an AsAm survey specifically on college admissions. The survey will be designed by mutually agreed upon professionals, monitored by neutral third parties, and open to all AsAms.
   As of today, AALDEF has NOT responded!
   Is AALDEF a responsible organization? Since it claims it speaks for Asian Ams, it has the responsibility to verify its claim in order not to wrong AsAm college students.
   What if AALDEF's major funding sources find out that it makes IRRESPONSIBLE claims and accusations? Will they continue to fund AALDEF?

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
80-20 national Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

*To see AALDEF's press release whose title is "The Majority of Asian Americans Support Race-Conscious Admissions Policies." Click on

Monday, July 9, 2012

Money Talks. Donate or "Be 2nd Class Citizens"!

                                     Money talks
   If Asian Am. organizations derive their principal income from NON-Asian Am. sources do you think their loyalty will be with us IF there is a conflict of interest between us and their major funding sources?
   Is that a question that our community should ask itself?
   Try to think from the point of view of the staffs of these "AsAm" organizations, from staff to Executive Directors, whose salaries and pension funds depend on such funding. What if they advocate the "wrong" rights for Asian Ams which displeases their funding sources? Will their jobs and pensions still be secure?
   If YOU were one of the Executive Directors of these AsAm orgs, would you worry, not just for self-interest but the interest of rest of the staff?
   Is that a fair question that our community should ask itself?
                      Will such a conflict of interest occur?
   It has already occurred. Admission to elite colleges is a zero-sum game. When more of the qualified Asian Am youngsters get into elite colleges, less of all the rest of youngsters will get in.
                      Funding Source & Decision Making
   80-20 derives 100% of its annual income from the Asian Am community. Want proof? Visit; pull down "About us"; click on "Meeting documents"; click on "Physical Meeting Docket"; go to "Report by the treasurer". More more details click on, which is 80-20's report to the federal government.
   Indeed, all 80-20's decision makers are volunteers & self-sufficient. S. B. Woo, for instance, declared years ago that, for the rest of his life, he'd not run for a political office nor accept any federal government appointment.
   How about the AsAm organizations that are fighting with 80-20 on the college admission issues? What % of their revenues come from NON-AsAm funding sources? 51%? 61%? 71%? 81%? More than 81%? Answer: More than 81%. Beware, the salary and pension of their decision-makers come from such revenue sources.
                   Not Accusing them but Appealing to us
   We are NOT doubting the integrity of leaders of these Asian Am. civil rights orgs., nor the motives of their NON-Asian Am funding sources. We simply want to appeal to OUR OWN community to donate generously to our own civil rights organizations because that is the only automatic way to ensure that OUR OWN organizations will serve OUR OWN interest.
  Otherwise, we may be "penny wise" but "pound (our rights) foolish"!
  Let's wait till this "college admission" fight is over. Then please dig deeply into your pockets to create strong AsAm civil rights orgs whose principal source of income DOES COME from OUR OWN community! The Jewish Am. community made sure that the PRINCIPAL income of their KEY organizations come from the Jewish community. Money talks!!!
                                   Not Much Time Left!
   The following Asian Am orgs support the "race conscious" college admission which resulted in asking AsAm students to score 140 pts better than whites to secure equal chance to enter elite colleges. They will file with the Supreme Court on Aug. 13 or earlier.
   Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund (AALDEF) 

No Response to 80-20's Challenge to Survey AsAm's views together yet
                    Margaret Fung ( ), 

                  Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) 

                      (Stewart Kwoh, ) 

   Their amicus brief will mislead the Supreme Court into thinking that our community is badly split. Actually, our community oppose "race conscious" college college admission by 52 to 1. Protect our children's rights!
   FORWARD this e-newsletter to your Asian Am friends. Post your comments on .
Please offer views about how to effectively persuade the above 2 orgs. to unite with our community for our children's sake. Thank you.

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Race-conscious" admission is ANTI-Affirmative Action

[A] "Race-conscious" admission is ANTI-Affirmative Action
  o Purpose of Affirmative Action (AA) is to help minorities for the historic wrongs against them.
  o Asian Americans have historically been on the receiving end of discrimination. Examples: Chinese Exclusion Act and the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.
  o "Race-conscious" college admission PENALIZES Asian Ams. who apply to elite colleges in favor of the whites by 140 SAT points (out of 1600).
  o Isn't that ANTI-Affirmative Action? YOU be the judge pls. :)
  o Why are Asian Am. organizations like
            Asian American Legal Defense & Eduction Fund (AALDEF)
              Margaret Fung
( )
            Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC)
              (Stewart Kwoh, )
            Asian American Justice Center (AAJC),
     supporting ANTI-Affirmative Action? Are they ANTI-Asian American?
  o We challenge these organizations to explain it to us. Why are they supporting a part of AA that is actually ANTI-affirmative action?

   AALDEF sent a press release casting doubts on 80-20's recent survey in which 47,000+ AsAms participated and chose a "race-neutral" college admission policy by a 52 to 1 ratio.
   In response, 80-20 EF challenges AALDEF to do another survey together, each putting up half the cost. We'll hire an expert to design a neutral survey on a website, lasting one month, and monitored by a neutral group. The survey asks Asian Am survey takers to choose a "race-conscious" or "race-neutral" college admission policy.
   If AALDEF dares not accept this challenge, then the public will know which organization has NO RESPECT for our community's view. The above Asian Am orgs. will file an amicus brief for a "race conscious" college admission by Aug. 13, UNLESS YOU convince them to stop. There is not much time!

   AALDEF: Dare you accept this challenge?

   FORWARD this e-newsletter to your Asian Am friends. Post your comments on 18e politicaledu/posterboard.asp.

Thank you.

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.