Friday, November 8, 2013

$750,000 Raised In 16 Days

   $751,500 over 5 years or $150,296/yr for 5 years donated by generous Asian Ams in the past 16 days. See for yourself. Click on

   Have you done your share? Money talks.

   Have you learned the lesson? The recent ABC/Jimmy Kimmel episode!

   It showed the importance of PREVENTIVE political action which only 80-20 Initiative may provide. If the kid had said, "Kill all Jews or blacks," it would NEVER have aired. But "kill all Chinese" was aired & probably so would "kill all Asians."

   Wake up, friends! It's NOT racism. Why otherwise would "kill all blacks" not be shown? It is political clout, and money talks. We lack clout and YOU can help!

   Does your family earn $100,000/yr or more? If yes, then do your share.
   Go to


and donate at least $100/yr for 5 years. If your family doesn't earn that much, still do the best you can please.

   Give to 80-20 Educational Foundation's Self Empowerment Long-term Fund, SELF.

   Do you want your children and grandchildren to see "kill all Chinese" on the future equivalent of the "Jimmy Kimmel" show? If not, then do something about it!!! You may like the image you see in the mirror a lot more. :-)

   Forward this email! Many thanks. TOGETHER, WE SHALL OVERCOME !

Most sincerely,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation