Monday, February 28, 2022


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Insulted AsAms' Intelligence

     In essence, the DOJ patted the AsAms pols, orgs. & activists on their heads, and said, "I didn't do anything wrong. You guys have a perception problem. But I shall humor you. I'll (a) take the "China Initiative" name off to enable you to take credit in your community for inducing me to change, and (b) add a phantom layer of supervision to make you feel better and again claim credit . Look! My agents didn't prosecute wrong. Was there a chilling effect? It's the public narrative's faultAccountability from DOJ? Nonsense! I hold the spies accountable. You don't hold me accountable. Grow up, kids, there will not be a whit of difference in how I do things. The 3-month-review, however, did wise me up to pay less attention to the penny-ante stuff."

Every satire in the above parody is proven below

1) You guys have a perception problem

     " ... by grouping cases under the China Initiative rubric, we helped give rise to a harmful perception that the department applies a lower standard to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct."*

2) Add a phantom layer of supervision - Fox guarding the hen house

     "In evaluating cases moving forward, NSD (Nat'l Security Division) will work with the FBI and other investigative agencies to assess the evidence of intent and materiality, as well as the nexus to our national or economic security."*

     Do our sister AsAm orgs. and activists and elected officials still remember this April 26, 2016 NewYork Times article? Its title is
After Missteps, U.S. Tightens Rules for Espionage Cases
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has issued new rules that give prosecutors in Washington greater oversight and control over national security cases after the collapse of several high-profile prosecutions led to allegations that Chinese-Americans were being singled out as spies.
The new rules are intended to prevent such missteps ....... 
     Fellow AsAms, did DOJ's 2016 new rule prevent intentional incrimination of persons of Chinese heritage? If not, then remember "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

3) Chilling effect? It's the public narrative's fault.

     "We have heard that these prosecutions — and the public narrative they 
create — can lead to a chilling atmosphere for scientists and scholars that damages the scientific enterprise in this country."*

4) Accountability from DOJ? Nonsense! You don't hold me accountable.

     Click here to access Ass't. A.G. Olsen's entire speech which is the "Review on China Initiative". Do a computer search of his speech. See if the word "accountability" is among his 3175 words. Mr. Olsen's attitude is: You people don't hold DOJ accountable even when our agents committed gross misconduct against you. Is that what our democracy is all about?

     For examples of FBI agents' gross misconduct, click here to see a full-page ad in WSJ. Zoom the ad to enlarge.

5) Not a whit of difference!

    "Dropping the name, Laufman added, won't 'make a whit of difference in the intensity brought to bear,'" according to a WashPost article. David Laufman is a former DOJ counterintelligence head.

Where 80-20 agrees/disagrees with the Review Report

     80-20 agrees that the U.S. must do everything possible, permitted by our constitution, to stop the stealing of our national secrets. 80-20 does NOT oppose the name "China Initiative". We knew that the equivalent of a "China Initiative" will continue, so long as the U.S.-China relations is bad. 80-20 is proven right!

     What we do OPPOSE is the intentional incrimination of persons of Chinese origin as in the cases of Prof. Anming Hu and Prof. Gang Chen, causing a chilling effect and trampling on our human rights. Only accountability can stop such abuse of government power.

80-20 has a plan to WIN accountability
OR make Biden LOSE his Senate Majority

     Using our voting power, 80-20 has a great plan to achieve the above. Stay tuned!! 80-20 shall deliver either of the above! We fight against stiff odds to help make America "a more perfect Union".
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*Read these sentences in their context by clicking here and scrolling down to
where the red sentences are.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
     (1) Clark Chow, Huntington Beach, CA, $2,000.00,
     (2) Julia Luo, Sunnyvale, CA, $1,000.00,  and  
     (3) China Pavilon, FL, $1,000,00

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Impact of 80-20's full-page ads

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Positive Impact of Our Full-page Ads?

     The following article came out in the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine last Wednesday (Feb.16). It may reflect the positive national impact of our Feb. 10 full-page ads on WSJ and Politico.

     The article points to the overzealous prosecutions, including the one involving Prof, Anming Hu, which 80-20 helped from day one till he got his job back. The FP "Flash Points" highlights FBI Director Wray, just as 80-20's full-page ads did. Note that the red and bolded FP stands for Foreign Policy.

     80-20 spent huge amount of our time and some financial resource to buy those ads. Why? We aim to achieve this kind of positive impact nationwide. Expect more positive impact from our ads to come. Look for a DOJ review report on China Initiative, which will be coming soon.

     80-20 takes a unique position on China Initiative. We maintain that the equivalent of China Initiative will always exist, given the tense relations between the U.S. and China. We respectfully but forcefully ask our government to stop the abuse of persons of Chinese descent that comes with China Initiative i.e. stop overzealous prosecution. 80-20 was the first AsAm organization to point to the totalitarian chilling effect created by the wrongful execution of China Initiative and to ask for accountability from DOJ. Only accountability will stop overzealous prosecution.

     If you agree with 80-20's style & substance in its bold campaigns, which are almost never taken by other AsAm orgs., please encourage us. Thanking you in anticipation.

Speaking Up!

     See the sequence of these impactful events in the AsAm community:

(1) the Supreme Court accepted hearing our lawsuits against Harvard & UNC,
(2) 80-20's bold full-page ads in WSJ & Politico, and
(3) The successful SF recall, reported below.

     80-20 is directly involved in (1), planned and paid for (2), and morally supports (3), since 80-20 has always sided with high quality high schools.

     Many strikingly sharp articles, including 2 from the NY Times, are reporting that AsAms are getting ready to VOTE to safeguard OUR rights. See words like "angry and ire" and "get organized and recall" in the headlines.

Feb. 17, 2022 By Jay Caspian Kang the NY Times, and

(B) San Francisco recall vote fueled by Asian Voters' ireFeb. 17, 2022 By Thomas Fuller the NY Time

     Politicians beware! Mid-term election is coming. Forward this e-newsletter to your local & state politicians so that they'll give you respect !

     Do the AsAm politicians you donate to and/or vote for get involved in important AsAm issues like (1) to (3)? If not, why not?? If not, forward this e-newsletter to them to educate and persuade them. Seek accountability!
Do your share!

To post, click here     DONATE

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
(1) Andrew Li, Mountain View, CA for 1,000/Yr for 5 years for AAEPAC, and
(2) E. S. Tze, Northbrook, IL for $2,000 for EF.


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     Please FORWARD the following full-page ad, published in the WSJ on page A-20, to all your relatives and dear friends. The ad called for accountability from DOJ for abusive behavior of FBI agents. See sample below, although your own words are more effective.

     After you've done so, please reply to me by adding a YES on the subject line.

     80-20 is only as strong as you are.

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My Dear Fellow American citizens:

     I beseech you to read the enclosed digital copy of a full-page ad, published
at the back page of Section A in WSJ (page A20today.

     Given the tense relations between our nation and China, persons of Chinese heritage have become the new Muslims of the U.S. after the 9-11 tragedy. I hope you will speak out so that our government will stop the gross misconduct of our government agents lying and cheating to incriminate people like me. Anything you do to address this issue will be deeply appreciated.

  To post your view, click here     DONATE

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lt. Governor of DE (1984-89)


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     Please FORWARD the following full-page ad, published at the back page of Section A of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) calling for accountability for abuse, to all in your e-address book, be they AsAms or non-AsAms. The cost is nearly zero. The benefit is immense.

     Please FORWARD, if you don't want the miseries that befell on Wen-ho Lee (1999), Sherry Chen (2012), Prof. Xiaoxing Xi (2015), Prof. Anming Hu (2020), and Prof. Gang Chen (2021to happen to your family.

     Some AsAm think that terminating China Initiative will stop DOJ's abuse of persons of Chinese origin. That is politically naive. So long as the relationship between the US & China is bad, there will always be the equivalent of a "China Initiative" in every cabinet-level office. If we drive it underground, things could become worse.

     What we need to stop is the abuse of government power to falsely incriminate persons of Chinese origin. Our government must hold its wrongful agents ACCOUNTABLEAfter that, YOU and I will never be bothered by ill-behaving government agents any more, if we don't do wrongs. That is what our full-page ad is all about.

     Take out your e-address book now. Start forwarding. Thanx. :-)
S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lt. Governor of DE (1984-89)

Help Win the Supreme Court Case

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 Likely Prospect of our Supreme Court case

     For the first time in AsAm history, we may have finally lived up to our generational responsibility to our children. Here is a logical deduction regarding our prospect:
          The lower courts have already ruled against the law suits by
          SFFA (Students For Fair Admissions) against Harvard and
          UNC (Univ. of NC). Do you think that the Supreme Court
          decided to hear the cases again to just affirm the decisions
          of the lower courts?

     For other positive news about the fulfilling of our generational responsibilities, click here.

Unfairly rejected by Harvard?

     If YOU were unfairly rejected by Harvard, or if YOU know of students who were unfairly rejected by Harvard, here is YOUR chance to strike a blow for justice. Join SFFA and/or urge them to join SFFA. I and most, if not all, 80-20 Board members are SFFA members. SFFA, headed by Ed Blum, had spent millions of dollars to fight discrimination against AsAm applicants to elite universities. SFFA is still looking for more members who have been unfairly rejected by Harvard recently. Ed Blum repeatedly assured me that members' names will not be revealed in court or in any other way. JOIN TODAY!

     Don't sit back and let others fight for you. That is cowardly. Do your share!

Prof. Anming Hu got his job back.

     From the very beginning, as soon as 80-20 heard that FBI agents lied to incriminate Prof. Anming Hu,

          80-20 donated $10,000 to his family & many of you donated
          too ......., 80-20 President S. B. Woo wrote 2 strong letters to
          Attorney General Garland ....., 80-20 worked with 3 senators
          who each sent strong letters to A.G. Garland (they are
          Senators Tom Carper of DE, Chris Coons of DE, andTammy
          Duckworth of IL) ........ Prof. Hu was acquitted of all charges
          by the District Court .......

until the very end, when 80-20 helped to get Anming his "Employment Authorization Document" to get his job back, 80-20 covered Prof. Hu's back.

     Please note that a few other AsAm orgs. and elected officials helped Prof. Hu also. 80-20 salutes them.

Might the same misery befall YOU?
     To make sure that the same devastatingly punishing and unjust prosecution or persecution does not happen to YOU & your family, 80-20 pressed on to ask DOJ for ACCOUNTABILITY*When gross misconducts of relevant FBI agents are disciplined, then wrongful prosecution/persecution of persons of Chinese origin will stop.
     Recall the misery that befell Wen-ho Lee (1999), Sherry Chen (2012), Prof. Xiaoxing Xi (2015), Prof. Anming Hu (2020), and Prof. Gang Chen (2021).
Alarmingly, the frequency of such cases may be increasing.

     That is why on Feb 10 (Thursday), 80-20 is buying full page ads in the back page of Section A of Wall Street Journal and Politico. We want to call attention to the American people that we seek prompt and certain relief from our government - accountability from DOJ. See a copy of the ad below.
     In 4 days, on 2/10 when the ads will be published, 80-20 will issue a "CALL
TO ACTION," which I beseech you to partake. The persons you help will be yourself and your loved ones!!!
To post your view, click here     DONATE

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

*Unfortunately, no other AsAm orgs were willing to join our effort to press on, even when asked.

Great News All Over

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Great News 1: The Immense Significance
of Supreme Court 's Decision to Hear the Harvard & UNC Cases

     "So what?" may be John Doe's reaction. However, it meant that YOU and I may have finally lived up to our generational responsibility - providing equal opportunity for education to our children.

BIG Changes are Coming - Headlines from Major Media:

(1) From New York Times:

(2) From Wall Street Journal:

(3) From Washington Post:

(4) From Los Angeles Times:
"Supreme Court signals it may outlaw most affirmative action at universities".

The Fight Still Goes on - Against Media Distortion

     Our lawsuits against Harvard & UNC were against their "discrimination against AsAm College applicants". Liberal media describes "race preference admissions policy" as an application of Affirmative Action (AA). it is an outrageous distortion. Note that only WSJ's headline, shown above, doesn't mention AA.

     As you know, AA is, when all other factors being equal, to give minorities a nod in jobs, educational opportunity, and government contracts, owing to historical wrongs. AsAms suffered historical wrongs, and are therefore entitled to benefit from AA. Instead, AsAms are penalized by AA. How could "discrimination against AsAm students in college admissions" be described an application of AA? What prejudice!

Who but 80-20 Has Fought with YOU

     Do you know of any national AsAm orgs. or elected AsAm officials standing up for you and fighting for your children's EQUAL opportunity to college admissions??? Almost all of them have been busy fighting on the other side.

     However, 80-20 wants to seek out all AsAm orgs. and elected officials at the national or state level to fight together and win this final battle. We sincerely even welcome those who were on the other side in the past. A small and powerless minority must unite to serve our community effectively. Contact me via <> please.

Great News 2: DOJ dropped the case against Prof. Gang Chen,
who rightfully wants accountability!

     80-20 is the only AsAm organization that has publicly and explicitly asked DOJ for accountability. 80-20 asked the Attorney General to (1) apologize, (2) discipline the wrongful FBI agents, and (3) promise the AsAm community that such gross misconduct of its agents will never happen again.

     Please (1) see a video on which FBI director Wray humbly apologized, fired the wrongful agent and sincerely promised never to let it happen again to the gymnast community, and (2) read 80-20's letter to Attorney General Garland asking him to deliver the same to the AsAm community.

     This open letter will appear as a full-page ad at the back page of Section A of Wall Street Journal and Politico on Feb. 10 (Thursday), at an expense of $140,000. Look for it and spread it far and wide please. A copy of this ad, already submitted to WSJ is shown below.
  To post your view, click here     DONATE

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
Shengli Zhou and Juan Juan Liao, Mansfield Center, CT, who donated $1,000.

Full-page ad approved by you and MORE


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Awakened From Slavish Silence - -
Full-page ads approved at a 20 to 1 ratio

     FANTASTIC SUPPORT! Our people voted 20 to 1 to buy full-page ads to publicize our community's plight stated in Woo's letter to A.G. Garland.

     Click here to witness the enthusiasm of AsAms in supporting 80-20, which has the courage, work ethic and resources to appeal to the American people about the inequity that people of Chinese heritage have suffered in the hands of our Department of JUSTICE100 posts and 44 donations came to 80-20 after 80-20's last e-newsletter.

     Click here to compare with posts of hundreds of our earlier e-newsletters which dated back to July, 2007. Our latest posts discussing how to defend ourselves against DOJ's abuse of government power over people of Chinese origin, is much more focused and enthused.

     Note that the 100 posts roughly reflect the 20 to 1 ratio of approval. They reflected the other 400 responses 80-20 received which yielded a 20 to 1 approval ratio.
     Woo's letter to the A.G. will be published in either NYT or WSJ plus Politico - a newspaper aimed specifically at our elected officials and their staff. That publication date for both ads will likely be 2/10/2022See a copy of our ad below.
     If the words in the ad are too small for you to read, click here and scroll down to read an identical letter with larger fonts.

More effort Asking for Help from Fellow Americans -
A National Press Conference

     After the publication of our ads, we are planning a national virtual press conference, via the National Press Club of Washington D.C. The virtual press conference will be live-streamed. All past donors to 80-20 are invited to join. A list of speakers will be announced after the publication of the ad.

     If DOJ continues to ignore us or abuse us, we shall appeal our plight to the world.

Great News!

1. The Supreme Court accepts our appeal to hear Harvard's race-based college admissions.

2. The DOJ has dropped all charges against Professor Gang Chen of MIT. The above is a result of all AsAm orgs working together. TOGETHER, WE SHALL OVERCOME.

  To post your view, click here     DONATE

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
Mark T. Chen and Elizabeth Y., Federal Way, WA, $2,00, and
Elaine Su, Bel Air, MD, $1,000.