Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Saving you tax dollars

Tips on how the new tax plan may affect you

     The new tax plan approved by Congress is why we are emailing you.  

     If you plan to take the standard deduction for individuals and families in 2018 which will be $24,000 for married couples, doubling the past amountthen you may need to read this mail. Otherwise, ignore it.

    Since the standard deduction has almost doubled, if you take it, your charitable contributions next year are NO LONGER DEDUCTIBLE. You may need to speed up your donations this year to get the tax deduction. 

    The tax experts have advised that you are to "bunch" your donations this year, or in a future year when You are NOT taking the standard deduction.  

      Only 4 days left before 2018 arrives!  :-)   HAPPY NEW YEAR!


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"2 great tools" caused $10k per day donations

"Two Great Tools" Excite AsAm Donors


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                         $10,000 per day Poured in for 7 Days, since
              "2 Great Tools To Fight Discrimination" was published

   Many big donors, those pledging $10,000/yr, or $1,000/yr sent in checks, 
doubling their annual pledged amount.  As a result, SELF's "total donations received" has exceeded $2,940,000.  Click here to verify.  

   Note those donor names highlighted in pink.  They are the generous people who have already COMPLETED their 5-year pledges, although the SELF campaign is NOT even 5 years old.

    In addition, generous NEW donations came in.  In the last 7 days,  it has totaled more than $10,500.  

         Why Are so Many so Willing to Part with Their $$$?

    Our supporters greatly appreciated the 2nd of the 2 great tools, published 

     Granted that item [A] in "We Seek Justice ...] is some what technical, and may need a couple of readings to reach the "Wow, now I understand!" moment.  :-)  But anyone with a Bachelor's degree from a decent college can understand it.  If you haven't internalized its contents yet, you MUSTClick here to review it please.  :-) All must do our best to help in this fight for our children's future.

   The Real Significance of the Infusion of $10,000 Per Day for 7 Days

It signifies that ANY AsAm organization, not just 80-20 EF, which serves AsAms well, shall be able to gain financial support from within our community.  That is great news for all AsAms orgs. and all AsAms! 

Many so called "AsAm civil rights orgs" headquartered in D.C., NYC and LA have consistently ignored discrimination against AsAm students by elite colleges.  Unfortunately, they have relied on money outside of our community for their survival.  We humbly appeal to them to consider changing their policies thereby enabling them to earn financial support from their own community.  If they respond positively, I will, and perhaps even EF will, help them raise money.  History beckons, our wandering friends!  Think how history will judge you.

                The Following Updated Graph Was Sent to DOJ!

    The 4 large simulated curves show the characteristics of students nationally who took SAT exams in 2015, broken down by race. What is really relevant to our concern will be the distributions of students applying to Harvard, broken down by race. They are now seen as the 4 smaller distributions in dotted-lines, located at the base of each large Gaussian distribution. Note the peak of each small curve shifts significantly to the high score side, since only superior students apply to Harvard. For that reason the one standard deviation is much narrower. However, the high-score tail of each distribution doesn't move to the right at all.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2 great tools to defeat discrimination

 Use these 2 great weapons to help our children  

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      80-20 is very proud to hand two powerful weapons to all AsAms to fight discrimination against our youth.  We urge you to USE THEMForward them to all your friends, whether AsAms or non-AsAms.  

    The two great weapons/tools are
1) "Ugly facts on discrimination against Asian American youth."  Click here
     to get it and spread it around.  These ugly facts on the discrimination of 
     AsAms by American's elite colleges must be made known, before such   
     discrimination will be eliminated.

2) "We seek justice and present forensic evidence against Harvard's 
    Discrimination against AsAm students?"  Click here to get it and pass it         around.  These evidences have been presented to DOJ for its 
    investigation against Harvard.
                              What Has the 1st Tool Achieved?

       The first tool has won our battle in the "Court of Public Opinion."  

a) Check out an earlier email entitled "We hit a homerun for our children." 

b) We've tracked the comments on news articles related to college 
   admissions issues in the NYT, WSJ, WashPost and campus papers, 
   including Crimson of Harvard & Hoya of Georgetown Univ..  The 
   comments are predominantly against "race conscious admissions".  
   The American general public  is very much with us.

c) This recent Millard Fillmore cartoon, one of the most popular cartoons 
    syndicated since 1994. 

    When even a non-Asian cartoonist knows that AsAm kids want equal 
opportunity to enter elite colleges as a Christmas gift, can YOU just sit by and do nothing for your children?

                       What Will the 2nd Great Weapon Do for Us?
    It'll either induce Harvard to voluntarily stop discriminating against AsAm 
applicants or help Acting Asst. A. G. John Gore to find Harvard guilty of violating Title VI.

                                    The ULTIMATE Question

Why is 80-20 EF fighting a great university like Harvard?  To get more Asian Am. students admitted to Harvard?

Harvard is a great institution indeed.  But it is not perfect.  We 
have reasonable grounds to suspect that Harvard has practiced  

pre-meditated and systemic discrimination against Asian American applicants in its admissions policy, in violation of Title 
VI of the Civil Rights Act.  Harvard's purpose is to limit its number of Asian American students, as it did against the Jewish students decades ago. So long as that matter is not cleared, the fight is on.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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Monday, December 11, 2017

We Seek Justice & Present Forensic Evidence...

6 Pieces of Forensic Evidence Against Harvard

WeChat account ID is: 8020ef.  Please scan our QR code, 
shown below, & on 80-20 EF's WeChat site. For a Chinese 
version of this e-newsletter, click on 

                            We Seek Justice!  
    We Present Forensic Evidence Showing Harvard's          Discrimination Against Asian-American Students.
         We present the following 6 pieces of evidence for your consideration:

[A] The Simulated Characteristics of Students Applying to Harvard:

       The following simulated distribution curves represent Harvard applicants, broken down by race. The x-axis is total SAT scores, having a maximum of 2400 points.  The y-axis is the counts of Harvard applicants in 2015. 

        For details of how the curves are constructed, please click here. To
help viewers gain a quick understanding of the curves, please note that

(1) the height of each distribution is primarily based on data released by                    Harvard regarding the percentages of applicants broken down by race.
(2) the mean SAT score of each race is based on data released by the  
      Dept. of Education for all students who took SAT exams in 2015.  It is 
      NOT the mean SAT score of Harvard applicants, which is expected to 
      be higher.  In other words if Harvard's admissions data were available, 
      the center of each curve would move towards to the right somewhat. 
      However, the high-score-end of the tail of each distribution will NOT 
      move at all! 
(3) the racial characteristics of the distributions including the width of 
      one standard deviation are based on information released by
      Brookings Institute, which in turn used data released by the College 

       The vertical line drawn above the SAT point of 1850 is arbitrarily chosen.   Most colleges have such a vague line in mind in admitting student.  It is both for the benefit of the admitted students who desire to graduate in 4 years, and that of the professors who would find a class of huge disparity in academic preparation very difficult to teach.  The areas under the curves to the right of the cut-off line represent the total number of students admitted according to race.  

    Hence, if SAT scores were the only standard for admitting students, then more Asian students will be admitted than white peers, and very few Black and Hispanic peers would be admitted.  In reality, most colleges take into consideration such other factors as class ranking, letters of recommendation from applicant's high school counselors, extra curricular activities, legacy status, the reports from interviews done by alumni, and the strength of the common and specific composition accompanying a student's application.

    Note:  Soon the real applicant data from Harvard will be available to plot
these curves.  They will not be the perfect Gaussians but quite similar to the ones seen above.
[B] The % of students admitted by Harvard in 2015, broken down by race:
       In 2015, Harvard admitted
                 51.6% whites,
                 21% Asian-Americans,
                 13.3% Latinos,
                 12.1%  blacks, and
                 2% Native Americans or Native Hawaiians.

         The "% of students admitted broken down by race", shown above, seem in drastic contradiction to the scholastic achievement of its applicants shown n the 4 curves presented in section [A].

[C] The findings of Princeton Professors Espenshade and Radford:
In Table 3.5 on p 92 of their famous book, "No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal"the following shocking fact was revealed:
                                Table 3.5 (emphasis added)
         Race Admission Preferences at Public & Private Institutions
                          Measured in ACT & SAT Points, Fall 1997
                     Public Institutions          Private Institutions
                  ACT-Point Equivalents   SAT-Point Equivalents
                Item          (out of 36)               (out of 1600)
                (White)           --                                --
                Black             3.8                            310
                Hispanics      0.3                            130
                Asian            -3.4                           -140  

        Our readers may now begin to perceive how the rather contradictory
information under sections [A] and [B] could co-exist. It is because SAT points were taken away from the Asian-Am applicants, while points were added to black and Hispanic applicants.

[D] The findings of Ron Unz's book:

       On page 203 of Ron Unz' book, entitled The Myth of American Meritocracy, the following diagram was shown, using data released by the National Center for Education Statistics.

        The black dotted line shows that the number of college-aged Asian Americans has approximately doubled over a recent 20-year period. The red solid line indicating the % of AsAm students at the California Institute of Technology (CIT), whose admissions tracks that increase.  That is because CIT doesn't practice race-preference.

         In strong contrast, the Ivy League colleges converge to 16% +/- 3% Asian American students.
[E] Harvard's "Holistic Evaluation": 
           Harvard claims to practice "holistic evaluation."   Holistic is an ambiguous word unless it is defined.  However, most people can be induced to think that holistic evaluation must be fair.  In reality, Harvard's holistic evaluation is a charade to provide for it the leeway to race-balance as it sees fit.

        The fallacy of Harvard's holistic evaluation can be revealed qualitatively in 2 sentences.  Using holistic evaluation system, Harvard adds the most points to black applicants.   Does that imply that, holistically speaking, black applicants to Harvard are the best and most deserving, next the Hispanics, then the whites, and Asian-American applicants are the worst? 

         Quantitatively, the "White House Commission on Presidential Scholarsevaluates all high school graduates annually.  It evaluates students "on academic achievement, personal characteristics, leadership, service, other extracurricular activities, and an analysis of their essays."  It is about as holistic as it could be.   Yet, over the past 15 years, Asian Americans averaged 28% of the finalists, while Harvard accepted only about 18% of Asian American students over the same period.

[F] Harvard's Emphasis on Diversity:
        If diversity were Harvard's only goal, it merely needed to add more SAT points to black and Hispanic applicants. It didn't need to take SAT points away from Asian American applicants. Harvard's holistic evaluation and its emphasis on diversity were simply camouflage for its real intention to limit the number of admitted Asian American students and to admit more of their white peers.
  In conclusion,Harvard is obviously engaged in race- 
  balancing.  It violates Title VI of  the Civil Rights 
  Act of 1964.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  I thank Cun-Zheng Ning for the beautiful graphics showing the 4 curves.
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