Friday, May 15, 2009

History, YOU & Glory of America

YOU and 80-20 have made history together. No one can question that.

The "Overseas Chinese History Museum of China" has written 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF) to request a copy of then candidate Sen. Obama's reply to EF's questionnaire for exhibit in its museum. As you know, Sen. Obama has become President Obama. See the formal request, with apologies to those who don't read Chinese.

80-20 EF has replied affirmatively to the request, as it would to a similar request from any museum. Indeed, 80-20 is honored by the request, as we trust YOU are.

Without you, the Asian Am. history would be less illustrious!

The museum is being built in a very prominent location in Beijing, within the "second ring road" near Tian'anmen Square. One day, when you are in Beijing, you may visit the museum and stand in front of that document with pride.

80-20 wants that historic document to be spread as far and wide as possible for 2 reasons:
1) It is a proper way to honor all who've strived greatly asking Sen. Obama to reply and who later worked hard for him in the battleground states to help elect him.
2)This document is a reflection of the glory of America. This document tells the Chinese people more about the true significance of American democracy than any "outreach" sent to China by our government.

David Broder, known as the dean of American political reporters, stated, "A bloc vote ….. is one of the "un-noticed glories of American life," because it is a mechanism available to small minorities like the Arab/Asian Americans to protect their rights.

80-20 EF is delighted that our shared effort will be recorded in history. We want you to know about it and be proud.

For donation to EF, go, or send a check to Katy Woo 5 Farm House Road, Newark, DE 19711. Bequests and gifts in stocks are welcome.

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Pres. Obama's Preferred Supreme Court Justice: Someone who will show "empathy" towards "people's hopes and struggles."

Let the above be a constant reminder to all who emphasize career success only. Many Asian Americans are often too career-minded & insufficiently willing to stand up for justice, &/or the weak and the powerless. America values & respects those who care deeply and who are smart &

Respectfully yours,

S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational foundation, Inc.

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