Friday, August 7, 2015

To Win, We Must Fight!

     We Are Winning the College Admissions Fight! 

     The following two media articles tell us how much things may have changed in our favor regarding college admissions.

     (1) June 9th, 2015, LA Times Op-Ed "The Truth about Holistic College Admissions"
     " ...  has holistic admissions become a guise for allowing cultural and even  racial biases to dictate the admissions process?   To some degree, yes ..."

     (2) June 9th, 2015, Business Insider, a website publication with a staff of 50, published this article: " Former Ivy League admissions dean: 'Racial stereotyping is alive and well"  

     "... Nowadays nobody on an admissions committee would dare use the term racial 'quotas,' but racial stereotyping is alive and well," Harberson writes in a Los Angeles Times op-ed article"And          although colleges would never admit students based on 'quotas,' they fearlessly will 'sculpt' the class with race and gender percentages in mind."

     "Harberson is the former associate dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and the former dean of admissions and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College."

                   Why Are We Winning?

     Simple.  We began to fight for ourselves and fought well!  If we don't fight for ourselves, no one else will.

     80-20 spoke up against all the so called "AsAm  Civil Rights Orgs"  which all loudly supported "race-preference" college admission against AsAm applicants, and still do.  But they are losing our community's support badly.   

     Keep up the pressure.

             More Asian Americans Are Taking A Stand

       A coalition of 64 Asian American organizations   calling itself  The Coalition of Asian American Associations  has emerged to oppose  "race-preference" college admissions.  This is only the second AsAm national  group, besides the 80-20 Initiative, to take such a stand.  It is doing a great job. Its Chairman, YuKong Zhao,  published a succinct but superb piece in Forbes giving great examples of the diverse talent of Asian Am youths. 

     80-20 also wants to use this opportunity to compliment  The Asian American Legal Foundation, a SF Bay area org, which  actually  took a "race neutral" college admission stand before 80-20 did.  :-)    

     Keep 80-20 Alive.  We Are Just Beginning to Win
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S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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