Friday, March 21, 2008

How 80-20 Has Empowered Asian Ams - Part II

80-20 has empowered the Asian Am. community in two ways. One was to empower us with equal opportunity to rise to our maximal potentials*.

The other is to empower our community's spirit. Of the two, the second is paramount. Here is how.

Times were that our community considered elected officials as our parents -- a feudal tradition in Asia. We respected and feared them. We were often subservient to them.

Six years ago, a well-known Asian Am. political leader publicly and proudly asserted the following. "The ONLY way Asian Ams. will become equal citizens of America is if we serve top government officials' election/re-election needs (i.e. give money) with such devotion that they will be moved to help us back." That subservient mentality made many rich Asian Am. individuals display pictures with top officials at home which they "bought" with huge amount of money with NO return benefits for our community.

80-20 advocates the diametric opposite.

80-20's position: In a democracy, officials are public servants regardless of their ranks. We, as voters, are the bosses. If the officials share our rightful concerns, we reward them. Otherwise, we punish them!

However, talk is cheap. Other enlightened Asian Am. organizations have advocated similar principles.

Where 80-20 is unique: 80-20 goes beyond talk. 80-20 demonstrates to YOU how the above principle works in America's elections.

In the current election, 80-20 has firmly pressed the presidential candidates, including Sens. Clinton and Obama, to make iron-clad commitments to give us equal opportunity, if elected. To see the signed commitments, visit

That was how 80-20 has empowered our community, indeed all of us, in spirit. We changed from a subservient mentality toward elected officials to that of a good boss. **

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Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF)

* Go to EF's Poster Board to see its last email -- "How 80-20 has empowered Asian American - Part I." It talks about "A rising tide raises all ships." Indeed, 80-20 empowers even those Asian Ams who oppose 80-20.

** Note that a good boss always respects and understands the difficulties of his/her employees. However, if an employee doesn't share your rightful concerns, then fire the employee.