Monday, August 24, 2015

MSNBC's Urgent Request to 80-20 Regarding 2016 Election

 Interested in 2016 Presidential election? Read this: Urgent Inquiry to 80-20 from MSNBC

                       MSNBC's URGENT INQUIRY to 80-20:

   A producer at MSNBC, Michele Sobel, emailed S. B. Woo to request his recommendation of Asian Americans residing in battle ground states.  Purpose? It wants to form "a small, diverse pool of voters from across the country to bring to NYC or other debate locations, (and use the group) as  a sort of "focus group" of voters across the country."  

   "Can you recommend a few well-spoken voters who might be willing to join us so I can give them a call and speak with them?  It is a fairly decent time commitment, we would want to travel them for each debate (expenses paid.)"

   She then lists the dates of 1) Republican debates 2) Democratic debate and Caucus and primary election dates, which I shall not reproduce.  She'll send the information to you again.

   If a SELF donor or a PAC member is interested in  participating, please email me to volunteer.  Otherwise, I will be providing MSNBC with a list of names  by 8 p.m. tomorrow evening, together with their respective email addresses.  She will get in touch with you, to  1) provide you with all the dates, and 2) see if there is a mutual fit.  :-)

   This is a wonderful chance to experience & understand presidential elections. To be acquainted and indeed be a part of a "focus group".  See how high-priced political consultants think and operate - they may not be elected, but they have a huge influence on the election of our president.  The Asian Am. community needs many more people who have that kind of political experience.  Don't be shy please.

   Volunteer.   [ Note: (1) I will not be participating, because I can't make that kind of time commitment, and (2) You are NOT asked to represent 80-20.  You'll just represent yourself. :-) ]

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