Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Clock is Ticking!

     We are at  $774,800/yr for 5 yrs.  With only 74 days left, we MUST  raise $3500/yr for 5 yrs each day --  a very challenging  goal.
     SELF received a big boost from Al and Shirley Foung of Los Angeles yesterday. They increased their donation from $5000/yr to $8000/yr for 5 yrs.  Thanks to this generous couple, plus a few other NEW donors, we hit the goal of raising $3.5k/yr per day.
     DonorsPlease kindly consider doubling or tripling your donation. New donors are appearing but we still need your help.
     Non-donors:  Please start giving. 
     We know that there are about 1500 persons who had religiously read EVERY 80-20  e-newsletter, but who have not donated a cent to SELF. If you are in that group,  please pitch in with your money.  
     80-20 initiative is absolutely serious that if we can't reach the $1 million/yr  for 5  yrs goal, 80-20 PAC will cease operation.  Have you then lived up  to your responsibility  to give your offspring a better life?  
     Those of us at  80-20 have mostly given 16 year of our lives  volunteering to serve you.  We feel that we have done our best.   Have you?
     Whether you are a donor or non-donor, please try to recruit ONE new donor for 80-20 who will donate $100/yr for 5 yrs.  We need 2000 of them.  If we achieve that goal, we will have shown amazing cohesiveness within our community.  No one will likely dare to tread on us again.

  "The supreme art of war is to achieve one's objectives without fighting"  - Sun Tzu 

     Help 80-20 achieve the above strategic goal for YOU, by helping SELF reach its goal.

     The Clock is Ticking.  Donate TODAY!  Help  Reach $800,000/yr by next Wednesday (July 19).   Or email  S. B. to tell him that you'll double or triple your donation!

     It'll take 23 caring & generous souls each giving $1000/yr or 230 giving $100/yr.  Please consider being one of them.  Thank you.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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