Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lunar New Year Resolution?

Want a meaningful New Year Resolution? Here is one for you to

The right REWARD SYSTEM must be adopted to get the right amount of
usefulness/fire-power out of an institution or community. Have we, Asian
adopted the right REWARD SYSTEM towards our political
in order to get the proper amount of political service for our
community and children?

Answer 4 questions to find out where you stand. If one hasn't adopted
the right REWARD SYSTEM towards politicians, make a New Year
Resolution to change. When an average Asian Am. exercises the right
reward system, it will be 100 times more powerful than what 80-20
can ever do for our community.

Q1: In a presidential election, do you take more pride in having voted for
the eventual winner than the candidate who has done more service for the
rightful aspirations of Asian Americans?

Q2: Within the Asian American community, do you respect more those
who hold the highest government positions than those who have done the
most service for the rightful aspirations of Asian Americans?

Q3: Are you more likely to associate with Asian American organizations
that issues a lot of press releases on all "hot button issues" than those
which diligently gets a few things done for the rightful aspirations of Asian

Q4: Are you more in favor of Asian American organizations that will
condemn every little slight of our community but never caring whether
it'll succeed in punishing the condemned than those that are slow to
condemn but once having taken up the battle will usually get the
desired punishment?

If you answered "I do" one or more times, you may need to reexamine
your REWARD SYSTEM towards our politicians and activists. Will you
make a lunar New Year resolution to change? We need your strength!

If you answer "I do" but don't agree/understand how that could be the
WRONG reward system, please state your view at the poster board: I
promise to cordially discuss our differences with you in public.

Respectfully yours,
S. B. Woo
President (a volunteer), 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.