Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Power of One - a salute to 80-20 supporters

   The following illustrates THE POWER OF ONE!
   80-20 is the ONE. Most other Asian Am national organizations are lined up on the other side on the college admission issue.
   Without 80-20, which opposes ALL those so called "civil rights" Asian Am. orgs., these articles in prestigious publications, shown below, would NOT have been written! With 80-20 speaking up for Asian American parents and children, the tide has changed! 7 articles in 4 weeks! These prestigious mainstream print media are speaking out in increasingly more firm condemnation of discrimination against us! See the titles of the 3 latest articles, shown in red!
1) The American Conservative, 11/28/2012. Read Ron Unz's article!
2) Forbes, 11/30/2012, which strongly supported Unz' article
3) NY Times "Room for Debate", 12/19/2012, SB Woo was a participant
4) NY Times Op Ed, 12/20/2012, by Carolyn Chen
5) Business Insider, 12/20/12, "Ivies Discriminate Against Asians"
6) The Atlantic, 12/21/2012, "Ivies Fair to Asian Americans? "
7) Washington Monthly, 12/22/12, "Discrimination Against AsAm in Ivies"
   The power of one. 80-20 is the one!
   Almost all the articles compared the discrimination against Asian Ams to how the Ivies used to discriminate against Jewish Am students. That was the CENTRAL theme of 80-20's amicus brief to the Supreme Court.
   What are the lessons for us?
      i) "One man (or organization) in the right is a majority," and
      ii) God helps those who help themselves. Asian Ams DON'T HELP OURSELVES ENOUGH! So many Asian Am. "civil rights" orgs are for the the race-conscious college admission policy. Ridiculous? Scary?!
   Does 80-20 really enjoy the power of ONE? NO! 80-20 would much rather be just one org. in an UNITED Asian Am. community fighting for equal opportunity of Asian Am. adults and children and help make America a "more perfect Union." We urge our sister organizations to re 44d -think their past and work together.
   Which Asian Am civil rights orgs are still supporting the race conscious college admission? They are OCA, JACL, Asian Am. Legal Center of Los Angles, AAJC of Washington D.C. AALDEF of NY.
   80-20 has repeatedly reached out to them & requested joint examination of issues and UNITED action. We've NOT succeeded yet. 
YOU CAN HELP. Talk to people in those organizations!
Sincerely yours,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer,
President. 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation,Inc.
PS We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation of
1. David & Helen Yao, Yorktown Heights, NY:      $1,000
2. Stephen Ko MD, Mendham, NJ:          $1,000

Monday, December 10, 2012

GOOD NEWS. Students Oppose Race-conscious admission

(1) 80-20 is eligible for GIFT-MATCHING with the following companies.

1) Boeing    2) Adobe    3) ATT    4) Microsoft and 5) TE Connectivity

    If you work for another company with a GIFT-MATCHING program, please apply for 80-20 EF to be eligible for it. An Asian Am employee of Verizon just did. We thank this person.

                   (2) Please forward this email to Asian Am. students.

        Students Oppose "Race-Conscious" College Admission

(1) Brown Univ.
   The Brown Daily Herald reported Nov. 29 the surprising results of a poll that found "more than 58 percent of students oppose the University's consideration of race in student admissions decisions, while over 34 percent of students said they supported the policy."

(2) Univ. of Texas
   In a NY Times article which quoted 80-20's amicus brief to the Supreme Court, it also reported the following. The 8 Asian Am. students, shown below, who are attending the Univ. of Texas all disagree with their instructor in a political identity class. The students oppose using race as a preference for admission which the U. of TX practices. americans.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0#

(3) About a Great Book - MISMATCH by Richard Sander & Stuart Taylor, Jr.
   "Great review of a great book -- and of course that's what you would expect from Thomas Sowell, a national treasure. He's correct in his praise and in his one criticism, namely the failure of Mismatch to call for an outright end to racial preferences." -- Roger Clegg, who is President & General Counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity. To see the book review itself, click on

(4) NPR, Nat'l Public Ratio, quotes 80-20 on college admission
   A November 21 NPR article quotes S. B. Woo speaking out against "race-conscious" college admission.
   A few months ago, when 80-20 EF decided to fight against "race-conscious" college admission, did you think that it would be noticed by so many mainstream media? Did you thick we could exerted such influence?

   Support 80-20. It has greatly expanded YOUR GROUP political clout.

   Post your comments at: .

Sincerely yours,
S. B. Woo, a volunteer,
President. 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

PS We gratefully acknowledge the generous donation of
1. Choong & Hsia Foundation, Los Altos, CA:      $1,000
2. The Baltimore Family Fund, Pasadena, CA:      $1,000