Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good, Neutral & Bad News

[A] Good News - 80-20EF's Work Recognized Internationally
   Reuters International published a long article on the US "race-conscious" college admission issue. It recognizes 80-20's importance in speaking up for Asian Americans. See a few quotes:
o  "Fisher's main brief . . . mentions Asian-Americans 22 times and argues that they are victims of a race-based system that favors blacks & Hispanics. "
o  " Edward Blum, . . the principal architect behind the University of Texas lawsuit. He said Asian-Americans will likely remain front and center in the case. "An empirical case can be made that the group that has suffered the most from racial preferences (in the affirmative action era) has been Asians," Blum said."
o  " a nonprofit called the 80-20 National Education Foundation, ...decided for the first time to oppose race-conscious admissions. . . . 80-20 enlisted … (3 of the largest Indian Am. orgs and a Jewish group) to sign onto an amicus brief."
Go http://newsandinsight.thomsonreuters.com/Legal/News/2012/08_-_August/Asian-American_rift_over_Supreme_Court_affirmative_action_case/
   Perhaps influenced by the Reuters' article, The Asahi Shimbun, a leading paper in Japan, will be interviewing EF this Thursday. In addition, AP had a long TV interview of EF on the college admission issue. It'll be released soon.
[B ]Neutral News - Pres. Obama endorsed by 80-20 PAC
   The political establishments in both political parties are beginning to discount 80-20 PAC. To reverse that, we need to
       o  be more willing to sacrifice self for the good of the whole,
       o  be better doers.
   Otherwise, the precious GROUP political clout which we won through so many tough fights, will fade away. Good luck with the endorsement.
[C] Bad News - Injustice in our Military Justice System
   5 of the 8 soldier who racially and physically tormented Danny Chen to death have now being tried & sentenced:
1. Sgt. Holcomb: One month in jail, no pay for that month, reduction by 1 rank. Outrageous!
2. Spc. Offutt: Bad conduct discharge (losing most veteren benefits), 6 months in jail, reduction by 3 ranks to E1;
3. Staff Sgt. Dugas: 3 months in jail (all commuted by the military judge. A mockery of justice! ), reduction by 1 rank; 
4. Sgt. Carden: 1 month in jail, no pay during that month, reduction by 1 rank
5. Spc. Curtis: 3 months in Jail, reduction by 3 ranks to E1 (Why should such a cruel person be kept in the service?)
   We appreciate the valiant effort of Maj. Toman to uphold justice. However, many of the military judges don't seem to know what justice is. They harmed the military justice system, the Army & our nation.
   3 more trials to go. Lt. General Daniel B. Allyn, commander of the XVIII Airborne Corps is yet to decide the final sentence for each of 8 culprits. After that, 80-20 will recommend how we TOGETHER will react to this outrageously tragic episode.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Nat'l Asin Am Educational Foundation, Inc.
* For a large mount of domestic media attention to EF's contribution in college admission, visit http://www.80-20educationalfoundation.org/projects/colleges.asp .
Go see item 5.