Monday, August 20, 2012

Is an Asian Am less than a dog?

Danny Chen was American by birth AND by choice.
He defied his 
parents' objection to join the Army. But he was RACIALLY brutalized 
to committing suicide by 8 of his fellow American soldiers who were his superiors. You will soon see why I asked: "Is an Asian Am less than a dog?"
   Will there be Justice? 3 of the 8 culprits have been tried.
o  First trial:  Sgt. Holcomb got one month in jail, about $1,100 in fines & reduction by 1 rank. What a travesty of justice*!
o  2nd trial:  Spc. Offutt got 6 months in jail, reduction by 3 ranks to E1, and a "bad conduct discharge."
o  3rd trial:  Staff Sgt. Dugas, who unlike Holcomb & Offutt who have racially and physically abused Danny Chen, got 3 months & a demotion by one rank because he didn't stop the abuse.
   The NEXT TRIAL WILL TELL if there will be JUSTICE. Spc. Thomas Curtis IV will be tried in 7 days, from Aug. 27 to 31.
   According to our government's "Charge Sheet," Curtis had in those 6 weeks, from the day of Danny's arrival at the outpost to the time of his suicide,
   "wrongfully addressing private (E-2) Danny Chen using racially disparaging terms "dragon lady," "Jackie Chen," "chink," "gook," "fortune Cookie," "slants," "egg roll," and "zipper head" or words to that effect."
   "did maltreat Private (E2) Danny Chen, a person subject to his orders, by ordering Private Chen to place his back against a wall and bend his knees in a ninety (90) degree angle to simulate sitting in a chair while Spc. Curtis struck Chen in the thigh with his knee."
   "did maltreat Chen, a person subject to his orders, by throwing rocks at Chen. "
   "did maltreat Chen . . . by kicking Chen on the side of his torso. "
   "did maltreat Chen . . . by grabbing Chen by the plate carrier vest and helmet worn by Chen and dragging him across the ground."
   "did, . . unlawfully kill Private Chen, by hazing and maltreating Chen and, through this conduct, negligently caused Chen to take his own live with a firearm, . . ."
   "did, wrongfully and wantonly engaged in conduct, to wit: he hazed and maltreated Chen, conduct likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm to Chen, . . ."
   If a dog is treated that way by Spc. Curtis -- kicking the dog's torso, throwing rocks at it, kicking the dog's thigh with his knee and grabbing the dog by its collar across the ground -- the National Humane Society, NHS, will be up in arms.
   When NHS finds out that many dogs are treated that way in the Army, it will start a demonstration outside the Pentagon. National TV, the NY Times, Washington Post and LA Times will prominently report the news. Decent Americans will be calling their Congressmen to complain "How terrible!" Spc. Curtis will be kicked out of the Army for bad conduct. A top Army general will apologize & promise that it shall never happen again.
   But when an Asian Am patriot is treated that way to the point of committing suicide, do we hear from national human rights organizations?
   Silence! Just a terrifying silence!
SB, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
[The above is "Notes on Fort Bragg trials (IV)"]
    *US military Law: "wrongful abuse of a public animal" carries max of 3 months in jail or 3 months' pay cut. To verify, visit Maj. Bret Batdorff sentenced Sgt Adam Holcomb, who is convicted of "maltreatment of a subordinate & assault consummated by battery", to one month in jail. In Maj. Bret Batdorff's mind, is Danny Chen less than a dog?
   Wake UP/speak UP/stand UP, Fellow Asian Ams!
Forward this.  Mobilize!
  Look for our "Call To action", if JUSTICE fails.
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