Thursday, August 9, 2012

Woo will attend Fort Bragg Trial; OCA-NY holds Rally

   S. B. Woo will be attending the next trial in Fort Bragg, NC relating to Danny Chen's suicide owing to racial hazing. Spc. Ryan Offutt will be tried* from Aug. 13 to 17. Woo'll be assisted by Diana Ting. They will write their reports to you daily. Look out for these e-newsletters.
   Those who live nearby Fort Bragg are urged to show up at the Fort Bragg Court House. Demonstrate your concern, before it's too late. You owe it to yourself and your children. Whichever ethnic component of the AsAm community you belong to, SHOW UP! Remember that Vincent Chin, a Chinese Am., was killed by people who took him to be a Japanese?
   One day when your grandchild asks, "Grand Pa, you live so close to Fort Bragg. When the famous Fort Bragg trials was going on, did you symbolically show your concern by appearing at the trial once? Yes? Thank you!"
   What could have caused such a shockingly lenient sentence on the 
culprit, who racially brutalized Danny Chen, in the first trial? 
Does anyone think that Sergeant Holcomb deserves to stay in the Army?
   A military jury and the presiding judge heard an African Am soldier's testimony: he too was abused by Sgt. Holcomb. That soldier also thought about committing suicide due to hazing.
   "He told me he would kill me, put me in a body bag and send me home," testified Pvt. Marcus Merritt, adding that Holcomb used a racial slur against him." Read it for yourself. Click on
   Sergeant Holcomb admitted in court that he was "suffering from symptoms that resembled post-traumatic stress disorder after three deployments to war zones." He said he had not had a brain scan, but added, "I know there's issues up there." Click on
   Why was Holcomb permitted to stay in the Army? Was it 
outright racism in the US Army? Was the defense exceptionally capable? Was the presiding judge fair??????????
  For the next rial, stay tuned to Woo's daily report!
Fellow Asian Ams:
   Vincent Chin II is unfolding right before OUR eyes. Speak up and forward this email to your friends. Mobilize our community. Sense the urgency, perhaps the danger!
   If you live near NY, join an OCA-NY Rally for Justice for Danny Chen: 
Date & Time:   Saturday August 11, 2012    2pm 
Place:    Columbus Park, Bayard and Mulberry Sts., Lower Manhattan

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educationa 562b l Foundation, Inc.

*At Offutt's trial, the Chief Trial Judge will be COL Michael Hargis, 
Prosecution:   MAJ Joshua M. Toman,    CPT Blake Doughty 
Defense:   CPT Matt Jones,    CPT Randy Johnson

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