Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CALL TO ACTION -- Vincent Chin II unfolding!

               CALL TO ACTION -- Unite To Overcome A Crisis
   "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their..." -- Thomas Paine
   80-20 is forming a loose coalition of organizations, the "Danny Chen Coalition," to secure JUSTICE for Danny Chen in the remaining 7 trials. He was a Chinese Am. soldier who committed suicide after weeks of racial hazing against him by his superiors in an Afghanistan base. 8 soldiers were charged by the US.
   The first trial was over. The guilty only got 30 days in prison, reduction of one rank, to specialist, and a fine of $1,181.55. Does anyone think such a person deserves to remain in our force?      Outrageous!
   The other seven will likely get even less, since the first had more charges against him. Sad!
   All orgs, large or small, are welcome! No dues. We'll be equals. We just need a huge common effort to jointly pushing info relating to Danny Chen's case out to our community. Sign in at
           Vincent Chin II is unfolding right before our eyes.
   Both deaths occurred owing to racial hatred against an Asian American. The culprits in both case received shockingly light sentences.
   80-20 is "RAISING THE FLAG" -- to tell you right away that we are here to fight with you and for you. 80-20 will not quit.
   We are considering many concrete steps, including possibly buying full-page ads in mainstream and ethnic papers asking Asian Am. youth to boycott our Armed Forces, at least until Justice is achieved for Danny Chen, his family and the ENTIRE ASIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY.
   Danny Chen's death was caused by racial hatred against Asian Americans. If such a situation is not dealt with seriously, there could be implications in our lives in the future. Asian Am lives seem worthless, at least in the US Army.
                            Caution! Don't Be Naïve.
   Take any defense statement in a military trial with a huge dose of salt. Remember Pat Tillman's case? Even our generals were caught lying and deeply engaged in cover-ups.
   View a movie entitled "A Few Good Men" starring Tom Cruise. It'll give you a sense of how military court is sooooo different from a civilian court and that office have huge privileges, possibly encouraging cover-ups and lying.
   Our community has our summer soldiers too. Now that bad news has arrived, they may be asking for face-saving training programs to stop future hazing again. 80-20 insists on "Justice First."
   Don't be naïve. No amount of training to stop hazing will be effective, if the guilty ones of today are NOT justly punished.
                        Row Together or Sink One by One
   Our entire community, Indians, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, must be mobilized. Vincent Chin was a Chinese Am. But he was killed with a baseball bat, because the killers took him to be a Japanese American. So whatever your ethnicity we are in the same boat. Let's row together!  Join the Danny Chen Coalition Now! You can email me at, if you like.

S.B., a volunteer President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation
PS: If YOU envision yourself as a person who has the guts to fight for your racial equality, justice, and your children, then be ready to fight. The fight will be long and hard. Post your comments at: .