Thursday, August 23, 2012

Will there be justice this coming Monday?

Danny Chen was American by birth AND by choice. He defied his 
parents' objection to join the Army. But he was RACIALLY & physically brutalized to committing suicide by 8 of his fellow soldiers who were his superiors.
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o  First trial:  Sgt. Holcomb got one month in jail, $1,155 in fines & reduction by 1 rank. What a travesty of justice!
o  2nd trial:  Spc. Offutt got 6 months in jail, reduction by 3 ranks to E1, and a "bad conduct discharge."
o  3rd trial:  Staff Sgt. Dugas got a demotion by one rank & 3 months in jail but actually he does NOT need to spend a day in jail through a weird charade in military justice. An insult to ALL Asian Ams, and a great dis-service to America!
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   Will there be JUSTICE this time?  
Spc. Thomas Curtis IV will be on trial* from this coming Monday to Wed. in Fort Bragg.
   Here is what Spc. Curtis did to Danny Chen, according to our government's "Charge Sheet," which led to Danny Chen's suicide.
   "wrongfully addressing private (E-2) Danny Chen using racially disparaging terms "dragon lady," "Jackie Chen," "chink," "gook," "fortune Cookie," "slants," "egg roll," and "zipper head" or words to that effect."
   "did maltreat Private (E2) Danny Chen, a person subject to his orders, by ordering Private Chen to place his back against a wall and bend his knees in a ninety (90) degree angle to simulate sitting in a chair while Spc. Curtis struck Chen in the thigh with his knee."
   "did maltreat Chen, a person subject to his orders, by throwing rocks at Chen."
   "did maltreat Chen . . . by kicking Chen on the side of his torso. "
   "did maltreat Chen . . . by grabbing Chen by the plate carrier vest and helmet worn by Chen and dragging him across the ground."
   "did, . . unlawfully kill Private Chen, by hazing and maltreating Chen and, through this conduct, negligently caused Chen to take his own live with a firearm, . . ."
   "did, wrongfully and wantonly engaged in conduct, to wit: he hazed and maltreated Chen, conduct likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm to Chen, . . ."
   Will there be justice? Will there be "A Few Good Men/Women" in America's military justice system?
   As a former politician, I have thick skin. However, in this case I feel personally insulted.   Do YOU?   You decide if your offspring's destiny is somewhat tied to this case!!!

SB, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
[The above is "Notes on Fort Bragg trials (VI)"]

* Judge: Col. Tara Osborn
Prosecution: Maj. Joshua M. Toman, Capt. Blake Doughty
Defense: Capt. Virginia Tinsley, Capt. Louis Scapicchio

(2) EF gratefully acknowledges generous donations from
Lynn Chen-Zhang & her son Mitchell Zhang, Portage, MI:
    $3,992 (their travel cost to Fort Bragg to support S.B. Woo & Diana Ting
    during Spc. Offutt's trial on Aug. 13)
S.B. and Katy Woo, Newark, DE:     $1,250.00
S.K. & Sing Lo, Edina, MN:     $1,000
Manlan Liu, Bloomfield, MI:     $1,000
Eric Hsu, Escondido, CA:     $500
Guangming Zhong, St. Antonio, TX:     $500
David Chai, Foster City, CA:    $500, and
the following individuals for up to $499:
Zhi-Long Chen, Jenny Chen, Mildred Tseng, Youxue Zhang & Zhengjiu Xu,
Kam-Ming Wong, Michael tong, Tishan Hsu, Shaobin Liu,Stanley Zuo,
Manlan Liu, Bloomfield, MI:     $1,500 for 80-20 PAC