Monday, September 10, 2012

More Good News for AsAm. College-bounds

   Fisher of the "Fisher v. Univ. of Texas" in the Supreme Court case mentioned "Asian Americans 22 times" in her main brief. Can our Supreme Court Justices still not be aware of the injustice suffered by Asian Am. college bounds?!

                             More Good Coverage!
   A CONSERVATIVE columnist, John Rosenberg, reported in a 9/2 blog: 

The excellent brief filed by Woo’s organization (along with several others) in Fisher eloquently states its principled opposition to admissions policies 'in which disfavored minority groups, such as Asian Americans, face more stringent admissions standards than either whites or African Americans.' Click on

   In another article, Mr. Rosenberg wrote: Indeed, reflecting both the "new Jew" identity and the break from the traditional Asian-American position, S.B. Woo, a retired physicist who heads the 80-20 organization of Asian-Americans that signed on to one of the briefs . . (80-20 told the) David versus Goliath (story) . . with a new twist. Who are the Jews blocking David's path? AALDEF of NY and APALC of LA. Go

                     The Unique Competence of 80-20 EF
   80-20 found help from rock-solid Republicans on the college admissions issue. 80-20 also found help from Democrats to more than double the number of Asian Am federal life-tenured judges in 4 years. What do those cases tell you about 80-20?
   NOTE: Asian Ams should always pay back favors done for us by others. Otherwise, no one will help us in the future. Does that make sense?
        An Eloquent Letter by Jack Yang of San Diego to Heads of AALDEF & APALC - the Jews who block our path.
      "My daughter is in high school right now. She knows even if she finishes high school within top 5 of the whole grade, she is not assured of a spot with top schools. On the other hand, if she has a different skin color, she can enter a top school with a much lower ranking.
       It is so ironic that the school teachers tell the students that this is a race blind society, at the mean time the students clearly know they face different standards because of their color of skins. . . .
       As an Asian, I just do not see how you are representing my interest.          
 Jack Yang, San Diego, CA

   Forward this email. Let people know how 80-20 fights effective battles on OUR behalf and that every Asian Am NEEDS to consider helping back.

       So respond to 80-20's CALLS, will you? 

Sincerely yours,
S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc. 

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