Thursday, August 16, 2012

Notes on Fort Bragg trials - racism v. justice in Danny's death (III)

    Notes on Fort Bragg trials - racism v. justice in Danny's death (III)
Danny Chen was American by birth AND by choice. He defied his 
parents' objection to join the Army. But he was RACIALLY brutalized 
to committing suicide by 8 of his fellow American soldiers who were his 
superiors. The first culprit, who racially & physically abused Danny, got a slap on the wrist. Outrageous!

To reverse that terrible setback to justice, S. B. Woo* and Diana Ting flew to Fort Bragg to attend the second trial. The second culprit got 6 months in
jail, discharge from the Army and a reduction by 3 ranks to E-1. Justice achieved? Too soon to conclude! There are 6 more trials to go; all existing sentences are subject to appeals and the final decision by the Commander of the XVIII Airborne Corps. Do your share to mobilize our community. Pray for Justice but expect the worse. Woo & Ting have returned to their respective homes.
   Staff Sgt. Blaine Dugas, Jr. is on trial today. He is charged with wrongfully consuming alcohol and permitting his subordinates, who are sergeants and specialists, to racially and physically abuse Private Danny Chen to the point of committing suicide. He also lied. He denied that other non-commissioned officers reported to him that Danny Chen was being being abused.
   Dugas has pleaded guilty to drinking and has hired a civilian lawyer to defend him together with a government defender who is a major. The prosecution team will again be headed by Maj. Joshua Toman & assisted by Capts. Sasha Rutizer and Stewart Hyderkhan. Maj. Toman also headed the prosecution team in the 2nd trial. He was the only one in the second trial who seemed to recognize that Private Danny Chen was a human being, not a worm nor a piece of court evidence in the trial. Col. James E. Hardin will be the new judge.
   Pray and work for JUSTICE.  TOGETHER, we shall overcome.
SB, a volunteer

   *Lt. Governor of DE (1985 to 89) & President of National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc. Ting is Woo's Special Assistant.