Monday, October 1, 2018

AsAm super heroes & heroines

These people will make our community strong!
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Our Super Heroes & Heroines

     Who are ultimately more responsible for making our community strong?
Activists like me and others or people who realize that "charity begins at home" and dig deeply into their pockets to help effective AsAm orgs fight for the rights of AsAms?  Without any doubt or false modesty, I nominate the individuals whose names are being proudly displayed below.  

      Who made the Jewish community so strong?  Not so much the many past presidents or executive directors of AIPAC, but the Jewish businessmen who donate annually 3% of their income to AIPAC.  Their impact is permanent!

[A]  Class A:   Super heroes/heroines who not only fulfilled their 5-yr pledges
       , who are honored with the pink background, but also kept on pouring in 
       $$$ to double their pledged amount or more.
Patrons $1,000/yr to $2,499/yr for 5 years. 
Name, Location            Pledged $ per yr. + additional $   Yrs.  donated         Received

Lee, Pauline P., 
Sun Lakes, AZ   
$ 1000/y plus $5000Confirmed510,000
Shen, Larry & Sally Wu, 
San Diego, CA   
$ 1200/y plus $7662.20Confirmed513,662

Sponsors $500/yr to $999/yr for 5 years.

Liu, Chengjun, 
Clinton, NJ   match of $400/yr from Woo's Foundation 
$ 500/y plus $2600Confirmed55,100
Liu, Ho-Kang & Terry, 
Westport, CT matching from GE of $2,000 
$ 500/y plus $4500Confirmed57,000
Su, Ting, 
Hillsborough, CA   
$ 500/y plus $4000Confirmed56,500

Donors $100/yr to $499/yr for 5 years. 

AAPC, Asian Am. Political Coalition, 
Holmdel, NJ   
$ 100/y plus $1666Confirmed52,166
Westlake village, CA   
$ 100/y plus $1873Confirmed52,372
New York, NY   
$ 100/y plus $1600Confirmed52,100
Ding, Adam, 
Winchester, MA   
$ 100/y plus $700Confirmed51,200
L, W, 
San Jose, CA   
$ 200/y plus $1600Confirmed52,600

Lee, Yueh Ting, 
Sylvania, OH   
$ 200/y plus $1600Confirmed52,600
Leung, Chauho, 
San Jose, CA   
$ 100/y plus $700Confirmed51,100
Li, Victor, 
Ann Arbor, MI   a match from Woo's Foundation of $20/yr* 
$ 100/y plus $600Confirmed51,100
Li, Donald, 
Eagleville, PA   
$ 100/y plus $1000Confirmed51,500
Li, Qing, 
Niskayuna, NY   and a matching gift from GE 
$ 200/y plus $1000Confirmed52,000
Liao, Hank, 
Irvine, CA   
$ 100/y plus $1000Confirmed51,500
Lin, Jay, 
Flemington, NJ   match from Woo's Foundation of $100/yr 
$ 200/y plus $1000Confirmed52,000
Su, Xiaohong, 
Redmond, Washington 
and a matching gift 
from Microsoft 
$ 200/y plus $1289Confirmed52,289
Wang, Judy, 
Edmond, OK   
$ 100/y plus $800Confirmed51,300

[B] Class B:  Super heroes/heroines who made generous 5-year pledges               & yet made additional pledges:

Benefactors $2,500/yr to $4,999 for 5 years. 

Mitchell & Priscilla Lou  
Donor advised fund, Mitchell, 
Houston, TX   
$ 4000/y plus $950

Committed to donating $20,000 between 2018 and 2027:
Lump Sum Donors (Donation of $ 500 or more.) 
Lou, Mitchell, Houston, TX  
$ 20000 
Confirmed 0
[C] Class C:  Super heroes/heroines, who having finished their first 5-yr 
      pledges, have started a 2nd 5-yr. pledge of equal or larger annual amount.

Ching, Wai-Yim 
Leawood, KS   
Having fulfilled his $2k/yr for 
5-yrs, is starting a $2.5k/yrfor
5-yr one
$ 2500/yearConfirmed0

Xia, Yongxia, 
Buda, TX 
Having fulfilled his $100/yr for 5-yrs, is starting a $250/yr for5-yr one 
$ 250/yearConfirmed 1250

Ching, Anthony
Seattle, WA  
Having fulfilled his $100/yr for 5-yrs, is starting a new one
$ 250/yearConfirmed 1250

Chiu , Kenneth  
Hollywood , MD  
Having fulfilled his $100/yr for 5-yrs, is starting a new one
$ 100/yearConfirmed 1100

Hong, Brian
Austin, TX 
Having fulfilled his $100/yr for 5-yrs,  is starting a new one  
$ 100/yearConfirmed 1100

Jiao, Fan  
Cupertino, CA 
Having fulfilled his $240/yr for 5-yrs, plus $160 extra,is starting a new one  
$ 100/yearConfirmed1100

      We salute the above super heroes and heroines just like we've saluted all SELF donors as heroes and heroines on our Acknowledgment Page.   They are helping to make our community stronger in a PERMANENT way.
                                            More Good News
      Wall Street Journal reported that DOJ & DoED "opens probe into whether Yale Univ. discriminates against AsAms".  
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Boston Rally for Equal Educational Opportunity
Date & Time:  October 14 (Sunday) from noon to 3 pm EDT 
Location:  Copley Square, in Boston's Back Bay area bounded on one 
                    side by Boylston Street.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
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