Monday, September 24, 2018

Must read - Q&A on Harvard Lawsuit

You owe it to your children to understand this issue.


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     A lot of AsAm parents still don't really understand the college admissions issue. 

      AsAm parents are willing to spend tens of thousands of $$$, deprive our kid's childhood leisure time by hundreds of hours to increase their SAT score by 100+ SAT points. HOWEVER, the same parents are NOT willing to spend 15 minutes to read this e-newsletter to understand the issue and achieve the same goal -- getting our kids into Harvard by winning equal educational opportunity rather than spending $$$ and depriving our kid of necessary leisure time. So FORWARD this e-newsletter to millions of such parents.
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Q: S. B., what more do you want from Harvard? We are 6% of nation's population occupying 19 % of Harvard's seats! So the only realistic way for my kids to get into Harvard is for them to score even higher on the SAT in order to beat out all other high-scoring AsAm kids.

A: Look friends. The Jewish are only 2% of our population, occupying 25% of Harvard's seats. Harvard knows these facts, because Jewish orgs. like Hillel International and The Jerusalem Post annually research and publish such statistics. What is the difference between Jews and us? Jews are willing to donate to their political orgs. like AIPAC, which fights for them, and they are united towards the outside.

 Q: S. B., aren't you ashamed of being used by Ed Blum in this Harvard lawsuit? Blum is using AsAms and you to destroy affirmative action, AA.

A:   There are 3 major components to Affirmative Action.  It has the govern-ment contracts component, the hiring/employment component, and the school/college admissions component.   We are not opposed to any of the 3. Our lawsuit against Harvard is only opposed to the up-side-down way that Harvard applies AA to AsAm applicants.  As we all know AA says,"for historical reasons, whites are to give minority college applicants an advantage."  But Harvard compels AsAm applicants to give an advantage to their white peers by 140 SAT points!   Don't let Harvard pull the wools over your eyes.  Ou target is not AA, but Harvard's discrimination against our children.

Q: S.B., why are you focused on whites, who have only a 140 pts of advan- tage over us. You are dishonest. You should focus on the advantages received by Hispanics and blacks who respectively receive 370 and 450 SAT pts of advantages.

A:     Look at the diagram below.  It roughly describes the relative sizes of applicants to Harvard (whites the largest) and their respective SAT scores.


     If you move the peak of the green curve to the right by 450 SAT pts, only a small portion of green curve penetrates the red vertical line. If you move the peak of the black curve to the right by 140 pts, a huge portion will penetrate the red line, i.e. a lot of white students will be admitted. Since seats are limited, many AsAm students will be squeezed out consequently.
   Many activists among recent immigrants are good persons. But they don't understand the complicated issues yet. Furthermore, their language ability often prevents them from understanding the discussions fully. So support them, but always get your information on complex issues from 80-20 EF. OK? :-)
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We are looking for students, who have been wrongly rejected by Harvard in earlier years, to speak out at a rally in Boston on 10-14.  Harvard probably 
bets that such students, being of low personality, don't have the guts.  I bet differently.   Former "rejects" with courage me:
We'll pay your travel expenses.
Post your views here.

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