Monday, October 22, 2018

More Lawyerly Tricks & A Crimson Article

Crimson Reporting As It Is!

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            Harvard's Crimson Reported From the Boston Court

     Crimson, Harvard's student paper, published the following article 3 days ago. Its title is:

"Asian-American Harvard Applicants Saw Lowest Admit Rate of Any 
Racial Group From 1995 to 2013Court Filings Show".  

That article includes two graphs:



     Note: Overall admissions rate also includes Native American/Native Hawaiian,                             International, and Unknown/Other students.

     To see the Crimson article yourself, click here. In earlier days, Crimson seemed to fall victim to the mis-direction by Harvard lawyers. It reported repeatedly that if Harvard would lose
the lawsuit, it'd be the end of Affirmative Action.  Recently, it seems to be showing independent judgment & courage.*  :-)   :-) 

                                  More No Good Lawyerly Small Tricks 

      For a review of the BIG tricks reported by 80-20 EF earlier, they are:

BIG Trick 1MISdirection:  Our lawsuit is against Affirmative Action,

BIG Trick 2MISinformation:  Our lawsuit is against diversity, and 

BIG Trick 3Divide & Conquer :  Get AsAms to fight AsAms and Ed Blum who works                                                              so hard for our children

      Today we report 2 small courtroom antics: 

a) Harvard uses anecdotes to refute statistics. It should be the other way around.

     It is beyond dispute that "accurate determination of whether an anecdote is typical requires statistical evidence." However, according to NY Times, Harvard lawyers used two anecdotes, one involving Thang Q. Diep (Harvard class of 2019) and another about Sally Chen, to refute the overwhelming statistical evidence that Harvard discriminates against AsAm applicants. Harvards shames itself when its lawyers turn thing upside down.

Tell your friends about the fallacy of these kinds of courtroom antics.

b) Harvard assigns the blame to others:

     According to NY Times, the Dean of Harvard's Admissions Office said this week that one factor that could explain why Asian-American applicants get lower personal ratings may be the content of teacher and guidance counselor recommendations, i.e. blame it on the high school teachers & guidance counselors. However, Harvard rated AsAm applicants much much lower than teachers and guidance counselors. See the 5th, 6th and 7th ratings from the top of the graph, shown below. What a blatant lie. Harvard is really shaming itself.



      Please FORWARD this e-newsletter.  We need to educate our folks about the many lawyerly tricks Harvard is using to deceive us. Knowing the fallacy of these tricks will help us win in the "Court of the public opinion" and perhaps in Boston's District Court.  TALK UP this issue in the next few weeks.  Please do YOUR share to fight for our children's equal educational opportunity! Thank you.

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S.B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

  comment at the end of Crimson's article, whose meaning I don't understand:
    William F. Lee will go down in history as one of the greatest Uncle Chans"
  Will someone help me understand that sentence please?      SB 

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