Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Another Harvard Dirty Trick

To Divide & Conquer Us!

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     This lawyerly trick, to divide & conquer usis the Dirtiest !

     Here is the evidence.

Exhibit (1):  In America, if a woman is wronged, get a woman lawyer to
                        defend the guilty; if a minority is wronged, get a lawyer 
                        from that minority to defend the guilty:

       Predictably, when AsAm children were wronged, Harvard got an AsAm lawyer, William F. Lee, to defend it.  

     William Lee was never active in the affairs of the Chinese Am community. However, he is highly placed at Harvard.  He is a Senior Fellow of the Harvard Corporation, which governs Harvard.    

Exhibit (2): Get the Asian Americans to fight each other:

        When AsAms orgs, including 80-20 EF, held a rally at Copley Square in Boston, a counter demonstration at Harvard Square by Harvard AsAm students was organized on the same day. Purpose?  Get AsAms to dispute AsAms!

Exhibit (3) Divide Ed Blum from AsAms:

         The Harvard lawyers used to claim that Ed Blum had no AsAm support,
and that he was only doing his own thing.  But when the AsAm support was proven at the Copley Square rally, the lawyers now claim that Ed Blum was using AsAms to destroy Affirmative Action.  

         How false can be the above claims be.  Read the opening statement from Ed Blum's lawyers when the Court opened on Oct. 15:

"The future of affirmative action is not on trial here in the next couple of weeks; the Supreme Court has held race can be used in a narrowly tailored way - diversity and its benefits are not on trial; SFFA supports diversity," Mortara told Judge Burroughs. "This trial is about what Harvard has done and is doing against Asian American applicants and how far Harvard has gone in its zeal to use race in its admissions process."     

         Great News - Prominent AsAm Law Professors 
                 Speaking out to Fight for our Children 
      In the Jewish community, their prominent law professors and lawyers have ALWAYS actively defended the rights of Jewish Americans.  After each success, the Jewish community also greatly honor those lawyers & professors.

      The first half of that beautiful human compassion play has begun.  The email to EF President S. B. Woo, shown below,  was from  Howard F. ChangEarle Hepburn Professor of Law. Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School.  The author of the New Yorker article is Professor Jeannie Suk Gersen.  She was the first Asian American woman awarded tenure in the history of Harvard Law school.
Dear Prof. Woo, 
I agree with your point (referring to  my e-newsletter of 3 days ago) and
recommend the excellent New Yorker essay by Prof. Jeannie Suk Gersen
which you may have already read.  Perhaps you could circulate this essay 
to your 80-20 email list.  Thanks for your work on behalf of Asian-Americans,

     Note that Prof. Suk works for Harvard. She wrote an article that directly disputed the claim of William Lee, who is the lead lawyer to defend Harvard. Recall that William Lee is also a top Harvard power.  

     Prof. Suk displayed such courage and compassion, which Harvard believes that AsAms lack.  What a shining real life example that slaps down Harvard's subjective judgment against us. Sometimes I wonder if it may be the lawyers who defend Harvard who lack courage & compassion.
     Prof. Suk was clearly pointing out that Harvard's claim that our lawsuit will destroy Affirmative Action is nothing but a lawyerly MISdirection.   Prof. Chang and I and perhaps 90% of all AsAms heartily agree.

     When this lawsuit is over, 80-20 will be honoring a lot of LEGAL EAGLES. Together, we shall build another great tradition for our community. Those AsAms in the legal field will take care of our legal fronts, and we will greatly honor them.

      Please FORWARD this e-newsletter.  TALK UP this issue in the next 3 weeks.  Please do YOUR share to fight for our children's equal educational opportunity!   Thank you.

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

PS:  There were some great rally speeches by AsAm students.  We'll publish them
        in the next few days.
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