Monday, October 8, 2018

Q&A on Harvard's Personality Rating

AsAms VIPs at Harvard

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A) Two Big Events Coming Up:  

    i)  On 10/15, the Boston District Court trial against Harvard will begin.  
    ii)  A day before, on Sunday, a big rally against Harvard will be held in
        Boston's Back Bay area Copley Square.  

B)  Urging All to Do Your Share:  I will be at the rally with many others to speak out on why Harvard should be ashamed of its admissions policy and why the Fellows of the Harvard Corporation have breached their fiduciary duty to Harvard.  If you live in Boston and nearby, please step up & be present at the rally.

C) Harvard's personality rating of all applicants, some sight unseen:
Harvard invented a pseudo science, called "personality rating". It rates the AsAm applicants much lower than all other races. The yellow bar below compares AsAms to whites. Harvard's admissions officers rated the personality of AsAm applicants, some sight unseen, much lower than the ratings given by those of its Alumni who have actually interviewed the same students. See the alumni ratings 1 and 2 below.


                        Q&A on Harvard's Personality Rating

Q1:  Are there AsAms, who are well-known to and influential with                      Harvard?
A:  YES!  There are quite a few such persons.  

      First and foremost, there is William Lee. He is a Senior Fellow of the Harvard Corporation, the governing board of Harvard. He is also the lead trial lawyer from the law firm of WilmerHale to defend Harvard in this lawsuit. Shown below is a recent picture of him with Harvard's new President Lawrence Bacow (left), holding the Harvard charter.


     There are also big donors like (1) the family of Elaine Chao which donated $40 million to Harvard Business School and have a building named after a member of her family, and (2) Brothers Ronnie and Gerald Chan who donated $350 million to Harvard, and have a building named after their father.

Q2:  What could have caused Harvard to rate the personality of 

         AsAms much worse than others, if discrimination was not the

         reason?  Why weren't members of the Harvard Corporation alarmed
         when the average personality of AsAm applicants was rated much 
         lower than those of other races?  Has Harvard's governing Board                                interacted sufficiently with the above named individuals to know that 
         AsAms have a lovely average personality or at least a personality that is 
         no worse or better than other human being?

A:  Great questions!   I've also puzzled over that apparent contradiction for a long time.  I can't possibly imagine that these individuals could actually have given Harvard the bad impression.  Could they?

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)
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The only persons that Harvard management would have interacted intensely with would be the above listed esteemed individuals.