Monday, October 15, 2018

Harvard's Trial Begins

How Harvard May Attack Our Cause

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     So many have worked so hard to get to this day - Harvard on trial for discriminating against our children.  In particular, Ed Blum raised millions to get the lawsuit to this stage and will need millions more to get the case to the Supreme Court.

                                   Harvard's Two Tricks 

     Harvard will find if very difficult to deny the abundant facts that it has discriminated against AsAm applicants.  So its lawyers will try to MISdirect MISinform .

                                   Harvard's MISdirection 

   It'll claim that our lawsuit aims to destroy Affirmative Action (AA).  If we take their bait, then Harvard only needs to defend AA.  We need to keep it simple and focus on Harvard's discrimination against us.  The following is a segment of my rally speech at Boston that addresses this dirty attempt at misdirection:

      "We are not against AA.  We are only opposed to the upside down way that Harvard applies Affirmative Action to AsAm applicants.  The meaning of Affirmative Action is well known.  It means that "for historical reasons, the majority is to give some advantage to minority applicants." But Harvard did it in an up-side-down manner.  It instead compels AsAm applicants to give an advantage to its white applicants of about 140 SAT points.  

    Shame on you, Harvard for claiming that our lawsuit aims to destroy affirmative action.   Our lawsuit is to stop YOU from applying Affirmative Action in an upside down manner against a weak & small minority - Asian Ams who have become the NEW JEWS."
                                  Harvard's MISinformation

    It'll say that our lawsuit is against diversity.  Harvard wants to get the blacks and Hispanics to be against us.  Indeed, if Harvard could, it'll want to turn the AsAms to fight among ourselves.  Dirty lawyerly trick - divide & conquer.  Another section of my rally speech addressed that dirty trick.

     "NO!  We are not against diversity.   My organization, the 80-20 Educational Foundation, is strongly for diversity. We have repeatedly and publicly urged Harvard to admit more black and Hispanic students so that there will be a critical mass for these student communities.   But Harvard didn't want it that way.  

     Harvard's emphasis for diversity is a charade.  In the name of admitting more black and Hispanic students, Harvard introduced a dubious, completely subjective "personality rating" of all applicants, some sight unseen. Its ultimate purpose is to rate the "personality of AsAm applicants" much, much lower than white applicants.  So much so that while applicants enjoy an average 140 SAT pts over AsAms.   

     Shame on you, Harvard, for using diversity to invent a dubious rating system, giving white applicants advantages in order to limit the number of AsAms."

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S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 20 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

PS:  There were some great rally speeches by AsAm students.  We'll publish them
        in the next few days.
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