Monday, February 27, 2017

80-20 and YOU

80-20 Educational Foundation (EF), 80-20 PAC  & You
Q1:  In terms of SERVICE to YOU, how are 80-20 PAC & 80-20 EF different? 
A:   PAC has teeth.  For example, when two AsAm politicians in CA, a state Senator and an Assemblyman, betrayed our community's interest in the anti-SCA-5 campaign in CA in 2015, 80-20 PAC declared the day after defeating SCA-5, to drive them out of politics. Click Q3 part 2 to verify.  Both were out of politics within a few months.  Click Q3 to verify.   Result?   When PAC speaks out to protect your rightful interests, politicians, including presidential candidates, listen.  
       PAC also knows how to say thank you.  In 2008, when presidential candidate Obama answered PAC's questionnaire with 6 yeses, we rewarded him with a bloc vote of 68 to 31*.  In 2012, when Pres. Obama had fulfilled most of his promises to AsAms (1 and 2), PAC rewarded him with a 73 to 26 bloc vote *.
       EF does political research and education.  It is NOT allowed to take political actions. However, the research and educational work it does are absolutely necessary to enable 80-20 PAC to take effective political actions such as those described in the 1st paragraph.  For example, this e-newsletter was sent by EF to help you understand how 80-20 helps you.
Q2:  In terms of making DONATION to 80-20, how are PAC and EF different?
A:    PAC is NOT not a 501 c-3.
        EF is.  So your donation to EF is tax deductible, saving you money.

Q3:  Why am I still receiving reminders to join PAC?  I've donated to SELF (Self Empowerment Long-term Fund) and other 80-20 causes already.  

A:  EF and PAC are SEPARATE organizations, sharing the same goals, but required by law to use different methodology.  
EF may do political education only.  It raises money through SELF and the petition, but it may NOT transfer its money to PAC for political actions. PAC may use all means to affect politics, including the taking of actions to reward or punish politicians.   Its primary source of financial income is through membership dues.

Q4:  What do I gain by being a PAC  member?

A:    You gain a share of the control over 80-20 PAC. The entire PAC membership is the top boss of 80-20 PAC.  Bylaw amendments must get the approval of a majority of the membership.   Officers & board members must be elected by members. Additionally, as a member you can run for an officer and/or board position.   
     Philosophically, your biggest gain is the satisfaction you receive that you are paying YOUR SHARE to help make our community politically stronger.

 REMINDER:  S. B. Woo has stepped down from the presidency of 80-20 PAC, although he is still the president of 80-20 Educational Foundation.
S. B. Woo 
President of EF and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

*The following table shows YOUR power to reward & punish presidential candidates.