Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Do you know the 2016 election Part (4)?

Info on 2016 election that you may not know
                                   About the 2016 Election
   In Parts (1)(2) and (3) we cited Hillary Clinton's (HC's) huge advantages in money raised, endorsements by media, and party unity.  We also discussed why all that didn't help her.  In part (3), we also cited facts to show that HC was not a good campaigner, although she is highly respected by her fellow politicians.  We now focus on a more sensitive topic -- Did HC make good political decisions?
.                Does HC Make Good Political Decisions?
   The answer to this question is subjective.  Hence, I provide NO answers, ONLY questions. I hope that each of you will examine the facts, then rely on your own prowess at logic and deduction to form your own conclusions.
1) Was her vote for the optional war in Iraq, to support the Arab Spring, and to actively interfere in Syria's civil war good decisions?
2) Did she ever look at her campaign rally videos & compare them with those of Sanders & Trump in terms of audience size enthusiasm? Did she do self-evaluation - a necessary exercise because subordinates normally hesitate to point out what would really hurt the boss emotionally?
3) Did she have the ability to walk in others' shoes, including her opponents' shoes? Did she have a sense of "entitlement" causing her to use "a basket of deplorables" to describe DT's supporters?When Madeleine Albright, standing next to HC, stated  "There is special place in hell for women who don't help each other," did she get HC's approval first? They were both pros in campaigns.  Fold the above into the fact that her campaign planned to explode fireworks over the Hudson River the night of the election.
4) HC is "candor deficient", yet she hid her health situation when diagnosed to have pneumonia. Did she know that she must protect her weakest flank?
5)  Did HC apply her immense resources wisely?  She received 65 million  votes nationally.  However, had she applied her resources to drive out an additional 11,000 votes in Michigan;  23,000 votes in Wisconsin; and 45,000 in Pennsylvania, she would have been the president. Look at the following shocking facts.

       State         Electoral votes  DT's winning margin in votes
       Michigan            16                                10,704
       Wisconsin          10                                22,748
       PA                      20                                44,292
    Total:                     46               77,744 or 1.2/1000th of 
                                                    HC's total 65.8 million 
       Were HC to get those additional 80,000 votes, then in terms of electoral votes:      
             DT would have (306 -  46) = 260
             HC would have (232 + 46) = 278, making her the winner!  
Answer for yourself:  Did HC make good decisions? Was she a good strategist?