Monday, February 6, 2017

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We interrupt the series of "Know the 2016 election?" to share GOOD NEWS.This newsletter may enhance your awareness of the significance of your money and support. You enabled 80-20 to form an UNIQUE and independent AsAm view on college admissions & make it heard nation-wide.
                   A Powerful Idea Is Spreading
    Most AsAm orgs. only follow mainstream views.  For example, they either support "race-preference" admissions or oppose it. However, 80-20 having studied the college admissions issue carefully for years dared to form an UNIQUE, independent, and middle-of-the-road AsAm view.  Here is how the idea has spread:
(1) On 8/1/2016, 80-20 EF took this unique & middle-of-the-road position: We would embrace diversity, but oppose strongly the discriminatory practice by elite colleges, which force AsAm applicants to yield 140 SAT points to white applicants. To spread the idea, EF started a petition.
(2) On 9/14/2016, Harvard's own campus paper, Harvard Crimson, published an editorial to advocate this brand new idea.
(3) 7 days ago, The NY Times published an Op Ed supporting the same concept. The title is:    
    Excerpts:    " ... the percentage of Asians in Harvard's student body had remained about 16 percent to 19 percent for two decades even though the Asian-American percentage of the population had more than doubled. . . . .  
     To explain that disparity some might cite the myth that while Asian students have high test scores, they lack the well-rounded extracurricular interests and activities that colleges prize. But the study isolated race as a factor by controlling for variables like academic performance, legacy status, social class, type of high school (public or private), athletics and other extracurricular activities. So that 140-point gap is between a white student and an Asian student who differ only by race. ...."  (emphasis added)
               The Significance of Your Support
     Here is how the college admissions battle has developed:
(1)  In 2009, Espenshade et al of Princeton published their book. The most important of its findings, so far as AsAm interests are concerned, was hardly reported in the media. The important finding is: To gain equal access to elite colleges, AsAm students need to yield 140 SAT pts. to white applicants*, 270 to Hispanics and 450 to blacks. Shamefully, most AsAm "civil rights" orgs. supported "race-preference" admissions, then and now.  What a shame.
(2) In April, 2012, after a national survey of 50,000+ AsAms, 80-20 resolved it would fight the outrageous discrimination against AsAm youths. 
(3) In 2013, Ed Blum, the architect of most of the legal battles against "race-preference" admissions, filed his first "Fisher vs. U. of TX (1)".  80-20 filed an amicus brief, to support that effort.
(4) Thus far, our side has lost all the legal battles, including Fisher (2) and the complaint filed by the AsAm Coalition for Education.
(5) However, since 2012 the handwriting is on the wall, that we'll eventually win.  Why?
       (a) All such lawsuits have increasingly focused on the discrimination against AsAm students, and
        (b) Our side has steadfastly won the battle in the "Court of Public Opinion."  Evidence?  The newspaper headlines have changed their tones greatly over the years:
             In 2012, a NYT headline was "Asian-Ams in the argument".  Note that we were "in the argument" only - a side show.
             In 2014, a NYT headline was "Is Harvard Unfair to As-Ams?"  We've moved to the center, but it is questionable whether we've been treated unfairly.
             In 2017, a new NYT headline was "White Students' Unfair Advantage in admission"  There is now a declarative recognition that we are being treated unfairly.
        Note that headlines are normally written by the editors, although the reporters or authors provided the contents.  Smell the shifting wind!
                   Winning Soon???  Do Your Share!
      When the vacant seat in the Supreme Court will have been filled by a Trump nominee, our chance to win the court battles will improves drastically.  Do you want to beat the discrimination back?  DO YOUR SHARE.
       Join 80-20's petition now!    We need 100,000 signers in another 1.5 years to demonstrate the united support of our community for this UNIQUE and middle-of-the-road proposal for college admissions.   Otherwise, the $10 per petitioner donation will be returned. Thanks.
S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

*AsAm students mostly lose seats to white applicants, because there are so many white applicants who are less than 140 pts below AsAm applicants. AsAms students don't lose many seats to Hispanics and blacks, in-spite-of the 270 & 450 pts disadvantages.

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