Monday, February 13, 2017

Do you know the 2016 election (final segment)?

Worrisome Implications for US Democracy
                            Are You Worried?
1) In 2016, all presidential campaigns were OPAQUE to American voters. An ordinary citizen would not have been able to find a phone or fax number, or an email address, or a website to make a suggestion to a campaign. Even donors and volunteers for future events could not find a way to make suggestion.  In 2008, citizen voices were still eagerly sought.  Why the drastic change?  Implications?
2) The near unanimity of the media endorsements plus the recommendation of the top political leaders of BOTH parties, failed to elect Hillary ClintonIs there any institution that the American voters still respect? On the other hand, one could see a silver lining from the above -- America is still a young nation capable of changing its course dramatically.
3)  Although the election is over, the partisan fever has risen higher among some Democratic voters.  Everyone hates the political gridlock in D.C. However, are we aware that the ULTIMATE reason for the political gridlock in D.C. is the partisan fever of voters like you and me?
      Defects that have always existed in Our Presidential Elections
a) Requiring way too much $$$$$.  The combined campaign cost was $(1.4 + 0.9) billion.  Implications?
b)  Candidates either expected us to be too sophisticated to believe in their campaign rhetoric, or too dumb to know that we're being fooled, or too cynical to care. [Note: Some of us might take on all 3 of the above characteristics when it came to defending our favorite candidate.]
                  - - - - This "2016 election" series ENDS.- - - -
                                   Continued Good News
     Andrew Lam, the author of NY Time's Op Ed,White Students' Unfair Advantage in Admissionsemailed me:
    "Dear Dr. Woo, 
          . . . . I just wanted to introduce myself and ask you to put me back on your newsletter email list. I respect everything you've done to advance the cause of Asian Americans.     Andrew"
    Andrew is a summa cum laude graduate of Yale, an M.D. who is a distinguished retinal surgeon, and the author of two books:
     "Saving Sight",  an best seller, and
     "Two Sons of China", which is based on a true story in China during WWII.  It won the Best Book Award from the Chinese American Librarians                     Association a couple years ago and some other awards.  I bought a copy.  :-)
        He just joined 80-20's petition.  Won't YOU join the petition too?
                 The Petition is Actually Failing!
      Although the petition presents a thoughtful, unique, middle-of-the-road solution to college admissions, it is failing.  Click here to see that it has only about 2,000 petitioners thus far, including that of Andrew Lam.  It must get 50 times more signers in 1.5 years or fail.  Why is it failing?  Because many of us don't care enough about our own rights and those of our children. 
       Won't YOU join the petition?  Your $10 donation will be returned to you, if the petition fails to reach 100,000 petitioners in another 1.5 years.
S. B. Woo 
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