Monday, February 20, 2017

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You Helped Cause These Developments
If YOU didn't help 80-20, would an UNIQUE and middle-of-the-road AsAm view on college admissions still have developed and spread like this? 
                          The Credit Goes to YOU
     Look at the time sequence of how this UNIQUE and independent AsAm view on college admissions had spread.  It originated with your support to create a financially independent 80-20.  
(1) On 8/1/2016, 80-20 EF took this unique & Middle-of-the-road position: We would embrace diversity, but oppose strongly the discriminatory practice by elite colleges, which force AsAm applicants to yield 140 SAT points to white applicants. 
     To spread the idea, EF started  a petition.
(2) On 9/14/2016, Harvard's own campus paper, Harvard Crimson, published an editorial to advocate this brand new idea.
(3) On 1/30/2017, The NY Times published an Op Ed supporting the same concept.  The title is  White Students' Unfair Advantage in Admissions.       
                            New Postive Development
(4)  On 1/31/2017, one day after the NY Times article, Frank H. Wu, former Chancellor and Dean of UC, Hastings College of the Law and Chair, Committee of 100, published in Huffington Post
       He supports the 80-20 position as the following except makes clear:
       "Now, the real problem has become clear. Asian Americans might be against "preferences." What we should understand, however, is that the vast bulk of such preferences operate to benefit whites over Asian Americans, not African Americans and Hispanics." 
      Being a law professor, he also stated his legal objection to asking AsAm applicants to yield 140 SAT pts to their white peers.
       "There is no good basis for saying that whites were discriminated against by Asian Americans historically, such that a remedy is necessary; or that they suffer some disadvantage vis-a-vis Asian Americans today, such that mitigation is needed."
                     To Cause More Positive Changes
        Shamefully, most AsAm "civil rights" orgs. supported "race -preference" admissions, then and now; in their press releases and in legal actions. Want to write to such organizations and ask them to reconsider their positions? Grassroots pressure is the most influential persuasion, although most of these orgs obtain an overwhelming % of their funding from outside of our community.  Money talks.
 OCA (Organization of Chinese Ams)
 JACL (Japanese Am Citizens League)
 APALC (AsAms Advancing Justice)
 AALDEF (AsAm Legal Defense & Educational Fund)
                      80-20's Petition
      This was the petition that started all of the positive development.  
      So join 80-20's petition now!   
  We need 100,000 signers in another 1.5 years to demonstrate the united support of our community for this unique and seeking the middle ground proposal for college admissions.   Otherwise, the $10 per petitioner donation will be returned.   Note:  My wife and I each donated $250 to this petition.
S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization

Acknowledgement: Another big check came in from my "Swan Song" fundraising
Mr. & Mrs. Chuan Shue Lee, Newark, DE $1,000. Thank you

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