Monday, March 6, 2017

80-20 donated $10,000 to SFFA, Here's Why.

Helping SFFA (Students For Fair Admissions) with $10k
             Our $10,000 to SFFA. Why Wishing to Do Much More?
      80-20 EF donated $10,000 to SFFA in addition to the $5,000 donated last year.  We wish we could do much more.  Why?
                Why SFFA (Students for Fair Admissions)?
      SFFA is, in EF's view, likely the organization that will finally lift the yoke of unfair admissions policy from the shoulders of OUR best high school graduates.   It is a nonprofit membership group ($10 when you first join) of more than 20,000 students, parents, and others who believe that racial preferences in college admissions are unfair & unconstitutional.  The membership list is confidential, although my wife & I are proud to publicize our participations.  To join SFFA, click here .   Do Your share.
(1) Harvard has been ordered by the court to release 6 years of admissions records to SFFA, and
(2) SFFA will depose (take evidence fromHarvard Pres. Drew Faust soon.
                            SFFA and Mr. Ed Blum
       Where did the millions of dollars in legal fees come from?  From Gerald and Ronnie Chan who donated $350 million, or Elaine Chao's family  who donated $40 million to Harvard???  Did they have a change of conscience and decided to help AsAm youths get a legal hearing if they have been treated UN-fairly in admissions?  NO.  Not yet anyway.
       Mr. ED Blum has helped raise it to give AsAm youths a chance for equal opportunity.
The Legal Positions of SFFA and 80-20 EF are Not Identical
SFFA's Position:  "the outright prohibition of racial preferences in university admissions-period."  It further alleges that Harvard and U. of NC hold an illegal quota on Asian-American applicants.
80-20's Position:  We embrace diversity.  However, 80-20 strongly protest the discriminatory practice which forces AsAm applicants to yield 140 SAT points to white applicants in order to gain equal access. 80-20 EF has estimated that AsAm applicants lose most of the admissions to whites, not Hispanics or blacks. The game that Harvard plays is revolting. 
        We Wish We Could Do More for SFFA
       Two components of the AsAm community are financially quite well off. Are the rich individuals in the Chinese-Am and/or Indian-Am communities climbing over each other to finance legal battles on behalf of our youths?  Are all of us joining SFFA to finance its legal fees?  Are all of us joining EF's petition for $10 each to finance its potential lawsuit for our youths?  Not yet.  But it is never to late.  Join SFFA and/or 80-20's Petition!   DO IT NOW.
S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

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